Fri. May 24th, 2024

Why Toyota 80th Anniversary Celebration Contest Is A Scam!

For those of you who are pondering – how would you know it’s a trick, here are current realities…

On the off chance that you take a gander at the URL – the connection – it goes to

It is clearly not a Toyota-related connection, but rather a random Chinese-enrolled area.

Likewise, it’s anything but a SSL-scrambled connection, which would begin with https://. While not a sign of a trick connect, genuine sites will utilize SSL-scrambled connections (with https, not http)

At the point when you see such connections, DO NOT CLICK on them.

Certainty #2 : Toyota’s 80th Anniversary Was In 2017

Toyota was set up on 28 August 1937. They praised their 80th commemoration in 2017.

Here is a 28 August 2017 tweet by the Toyota Motor Corp.

Actuality #3 : The Page Has So Many Troubling Clues

In the event that you click on the connection, you will be directed to this page, asserting you will get an unconditional present with Toyota… and an opportunity to win a Toyota Corolla.

The page is brimming with linguistic mix-ups – something a real Toyota site would not have.

In addition, for what reason would Toyota give you a Corolla for responding to basic inquiries like Do you know Toyota? Truly…

Furthermore, underneath that is a rundown of remarks by individuals who professed to have won the Toyota Corolla. Do you truly accept that Toyota is parting with such countless vehicles?

Have a go at tapping on their names, and nothing occurs. Nothing happens either on the off chance that you snap to Like. So where are the preferences coming from?

They are generally FAKE COMMENTS. On the off chance that you check the code, you can see that both the remarks and pictures were physically embedded.

Certainty #4 : You Will Always Win The Car

You can attempt the challenge quite a few times, and you will never lose the vehicle.

Why? Since the subsequent stage includes you offering this to 5 gatherings or 20 companions on WhatsApp!

So regardless of how frequently you take part, you will never lose the free Toyota Corolla. Do you believe that is the situation with a genuine challenge?

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