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When students come to us for guidance on writing their MBA theses, one of the most common questions is where they can find interesting content to use in their papers. We responded that resources of this kind could be found in any reputable academic library or on the internet. Alternatively, you could search for them online. Before delving into where to look for relevant MBA dissertation topics, it is essential to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of what constitutes an MBA dissertation. This is because the topic of where to look for relevant MBA dissertation topics will be the focus of the next section. To begin, to earn a Master of Business Administration degree, you will need to present a high calibre research dissertation.

Students enrolled in any Master of Business Administration programme are required to write and successfully defend a dissertation as part of the educational requirements for earning the degree. You are probably already aware that candidates for an MBA learn how to apply business management principles to a variety of different situations that they encounter in the real world. This is something that is taught to candidates while studying for the MBA.

In this article, we will attempt to determine the standard topics and headings that can be included in MBA dissertations written in a variety of countries all over the world. These topics and headings are included in MBA dissertations because they are considered integral parts of the research process. In addition, this article will give you a quick overview of choosing a topic if you’re looking for law dissertation topics.

When you are writing your MBA dissertation, you have the opportunity to select your chosen topic and make a significant contribution to the field. The following are some past topics that have been used for MBA dissertations that may spark some ideas for you.


MBA students frequently choose to focus their studies on marketing and business management. The MBA Marketing Thesis provides an outstanding opportunity to develop a forward-thinking dissertation. Although the marketing field occasionally overlaps with other disciplines like examples of interval data, you could focus your dissertation on marketing concepts and methods instead.

Marketing discipline encompasses a wide variety of subfields, including relationship management, advertising, identity, cross-cultural advertising, lead generation, consumer behaviour, internet marketing, and marketing ethics. The following is a list of marketing MBA dissertation topics that graduates of MBA programmes have produced:

  • A Chinese study of external financing and firm performance
  • Investing Strategies Analysed and Evaluated
  • Margin Financing: An Analysis.
  • Portfolio Performance and Asset Allocation


One of the most common areas of study for MBA students is marketing, which is closely related to business management. In the MBA Marketing Thesis, you will have the opportunity to develop a ground-breaking dissertation. Although there is some overlap between marketing and other fields, you might choose to centre your dissertation on marketing concepts and methods.

You might start to consider relationship management, advertising, branding, cross-cultural advertising, direct marketing, consumption patterns, internet marketing, and marketing ethics as components of the expansive and varied marketing field. The following is a list of topics relating to marketing that has been covered:

  • The behaviour of consumers is influenced by advertising
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour and Brand Design
  • Consumer buying behaviour and e-marketing: an investigation
  • What Online Marketing Means for Small Businesses
  • Direct marketing vs creative advertising


MBA students should think about writing their theses on various business topics, including entrepreneurship. Many successful business people have earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), and most MBA programmes include entrepreneurship. MBA graduates and independent business owners often collaborate in the business world. Consider the competitiveness of a country, the company’s enterprise, the viability of outsourcing, and the question of whether or not entrepreneurs are born or made for ideas. The worlds of business and entrepreneurship are fascinating in their own right. These entrepreneurship-related dissertation topics were written by MBA graduates who went on to pursue business careers.

  • What makes entrepreneurs successful? Are they born or made?
  • Measurement of national competitiveness of global offshoring and outsourcing
  • Recession-Mitigating Competitive Strategies: A Study
  • Outsourcing Trends in Global Markets
  • Using Knowledge Management to Plan Strategically

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