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A motorhome is an investment that pays for itself over the years in memorable sightseeing holidays. You can travel wherever you like in a motorhome (provided that there’s a road available), and enjoy experiences that simply wouldn’t be possible with conventional accommodation. Moreover, you’ll be able to holiday very cheaply, and enjoy that inimitable campsite experience.

Winter might be seen as a time of year when most motorhome owners keep their pride and joy parked on the drive. After all, winter weather conditions make for a poor driving experience in a vehicle this large. What’s more, staying comfortable inside a motorhome during a snowy spell requires a bit of advanced preparation. Investing in quality motorhome insurance from a reputable insurer should be considered a must.

With all of that said, if you know what you’re doing, you can still have some fantastic trips at this time of year. Let’s look at some of the best destinations that the country has to offer.

Lake District

Being roughly halfway up the country, the Lake District is accessible from just about anywhere on the UK mainland. It’s easy to get to from the nearby M6, and there are plenty of campsites available. This is a great place to be for fans of walking trips, with literally hundreds of routes for walkers of all abilities.

Isle of Skye

You can think of Skye as a little bit like the Lake District, but much, much bigger. Unlike many other Hebridean Islands, it’s accessed via a bridge, and there are plenty of roads criss-crossing the island. Just make sure that you plan ahead of time and avoid the narrower ones. There are plenty of campsites available.


This world-famous national park is home to the highest mountain in Wales, but you shouldn’t let Snowdon itself distract you from the wealth of other treasures in this diverse little corner of the country. There are stunning forest walks, waterfalls, and a range of other sights to see.

Isle of Wight

If you’re more interested in the seaside, then the Isle of Wight is an obvious choice. Boasting more than five hundred miles of footpath and bridleway, it’s perfect for indulging in a spot of walking, too. Of course, you won’t get the sunbathing experience at this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that the seaside isn’t a fantastic place to visit. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife that you might not get at other times of the year.


Keeping things coastal, let’s consider Devon. It’s a must-visit for lovers of the famous fish-and-chips combination. There’s plenty of chances to go surfing, too – and since most tourists head straight through Devon on their way to Cornwall, much of what’s on offer here is criminally underappreciated.

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