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Online gambling can be particularly recreational. Following your favorite team, placing bets, celebrating your wins with friends — what a fun ride! Professional online Esports betting may be fun too, and yet it is important to understand: the transition between amateurish and professional is never seamless.

The main goal of a professional is to make money. It does not necessarily mean a huge jackpot. Contrary to popular urban legends, a steady monthly income is much preferable. Amateurs may allow themselves to be carried away and play blindly, pros must win. Not always, sure, but often enough to pay the bills. Hence the need for a reliable strategy.

Indeed, this is the very line that separates enjoyers and moneymakers. Unlike an average gambler, a seasoned pro should be capable of updating their experience, understanding basic chances of losing or winning, and knowing when to stop. Suppressing emotions is no less necessary — probably it is the most difficult part although highly comforting. Fans grow tired when they realize that their team is going to lose. Pros who have decided to bet against them go home with a respectable consolation prize.

How to Develop a Strategy

Professionalism begins with simple principles. While sophisticated calculations and exotic approaches may end up being useful in certain cases, mastering the basics is incomparably more important. This is the only way to avoid common illusions that develop along with false confidence. Check your foundations every time you lose — the moment you are ready to play without breaking your main principles is the moment you may consider yourself a pro.

  1. Outline the budget. However trivial it may sound, this is indeed the very first thing one should consider. Without a financial plan, every loss may become the beginning of an end —people tend to overestimate their successes and severely underestimate the losses. A consistent approach to financial security is the only way to control damages and switch between strategies without falling into the pit of cascading fa.
  2. Find a good betting site and stick to it. Online gambling is a giant hunting ground for all kinds of scoundrels. Safety first, fun later. There is a great number of independent and semi-independent reviewing teams that analyze the security and trustworthiness of gambling sites — their data is invaluable. The rule of thumb is to start with the largest ones. Currently, the top position of the best eSports betting sites is held by GGBET — a great choice for novices.
  3. Favoritism is a common mistake. Of course, following the favorite team seems like a natural choice — after all this is the most common first bet for most gamblers. However, there is a major difference between blind worshiping and sober analysis. Experimentation with different genres, niches, and approaches is a great way to avoid psychological burnout. Routine is deadly poison for an inquisitive mind.

Tips on Betting Types

Different types of bets in the sphere of eSports may seem bizarre at first glance, but the underlying principles are quite simple.

MoneylineThe simplest bet there is. A gambler bets on the results of a match or a round — without considering anything else.
HandicapA condition introduced by the bookmakers, who wish to balance the odds when the chances of competing teams are too unequal. On the largest betting sites, such as GGBET, handicap or spreading bets are often focused on key parameters (number of rounds, killings, wins, and so on) that may be relevant even when such a team does not win.
TotalsGamblers must predict certain in-game parameters. Once again, such parameters do not necessarily depend on the outcome — the goal is to predict the performance. The team may lose, yet the prize goes to those who correctly guess the number of killings or lost matches.
FuturesBetting on the results of a series of matches — this type is usually used in tournaments. For obvious reasons, these bets are for experienced gamblers only. Every fan of competitive videogames knows that there is no such thing as a predictable encounter.
PropsA rather uncommon type, yet popular among eSports enthusiasts. Props are about predicting the occurrence of certain events during the game — scoring a specified number of points, performing special attacks, breaking previous records, or even losing ten times in a row.Props are viewed as a cool way to add enjoyment and remind the gamblers about the importance of the game as it is. Of course, some of them may be highly profitable, but they should not be considered a reliable way to earn money — in most cases, the math behind rare events is rather ruthless.

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