Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
Top Ties

The first thing you should know about neckties is their versatility. Men tend to build up massive collections of ties. However, only a fraction of these is helpful. A man’s tie wardrobe should be populated with a few timeless pieces that will always look good.

Polka-dot ties are an excellent way to add a dash of pattern to any suit. These ties are sometimes called wallpaper ties. You can also try a geometric print tie from Drake. These ties are available in a variety of colours, which are both classic and bold.

If you don’t have much money to spend on ties, you can try out the online stores of famous designers. You can also browse the designer collections at Nordstrom. Their ties are reasonably priced and are often sold in a six-pack for a better deal. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a novelty tie, you can check out Zazzle. The UK-based company has a wide selection of cheap and high-quality neckties.

Whether going to the office or a social event, you must ensure you have the right necktie. Bolder patterns can make you stand out, but it’s best to stick to a limited number of figures. In addition, you don’t need to own more than two-figure ties.

Bow ties are another great option. Grey Bow ties go well with any collared dress shirt and are available in various patterns, colours, and textures. The resident gentleman recommends pairing your tie with your suit and other accessories for a bright, polished look. Floral bow ties are highly versatile and work best when the colours complement each other.

A micro-pattern tie is a pattern that repeats. These ties are usually larger and bulkier than woven ties. They’re also incredibly versatile and come in endless variations. Unlike their woven counterparts, these ties can go well with any suit or casual outfit.

Knit ties are also a great option. They’re versatile and work well with sports jackets. Knit ties come in many collections, so you’ll find one that suits your needs. But, if you want a unique look, try a knitted tie in a restrained polka dot. Similarly, foulard ties are an excellent choice for business attire without looking bland. For more casual days, you can opt for three or four “your pick” knit ties.

Floral ties are a hot trend, especially for weddings. These floral ties look incredibly sophisticated but are still affordable. They’re also perfect for summer weddings. Their floral design gives the wearer a friendly vibe, unlike skull and crossbones ties. Aside from being stylish, floral ties are available in a wide variety of colours. Choose a tie with a deep shade of green or blue, and try matching the background to match the floral pattern.


2022 is around the corner, and it’s time for all men to get ready for a look that represents sophistication and power. Grey bow ties are essential to any man’s wardrobe, and we’ve compiled the top 10 ties every man should buy in 2022. From bold patterns to timeless classics, these ties will help you stand out from the crowd while keeping your style modern. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on ties today!