Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

One of the many factors worth considering when buying a new Washington State home for sale is how to choose a reliable agent. When we say the right real estate agent, we mean the person needs to have enough experience, market knowledge, and great communication skills. These factors are important if you certainly want to get the most out of your real estate investment.

Working with a reliable real estate agent is divided  into two parts;

  • Hiring stage
  • Questioning stage.

For the hiring stage, you need to factor in a couple of things, such as license, experience level, and communication. The questioning stage, on the other hand, requires you to ask the agent certain questions regarding the property(s) you’re looking to purchase. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover the top 5 questions worth asking your Washington real estate agent regarding your dream home.

1. What is the location like?

Before agreeing to go for any Washington house for sale, you need to check and be sure the location is very ok. Knowing the neighborhood is important for you to know the current situation of the property’s location.

  • First, asking this question will help you understand the neughbourhood’s safety and crime rates. 
  • An answer to this question will also help you to know how peaceful or noisy the environment is.
  • By getting appropriate information regarding the neighborhood, you’ll know whether or not the asking price of the property is worth it.
  • An answer to the question above could also give you better insights into the current market in the location. In addition, yiu’ll also understand if the location will turn low in desirability in the coming years.

2. Ask about the worth of the property

As a buyer, your Washington real estate agent isn’t in the right position to tell you what to offer. However, if you hire a suitable agent, such as Karrie Kelley Real Estate, you can always rely on them to help compare different Washington houses in the neighborhood. This way, you’ll get the high and low prices for the type of property you’re looking to acquire.

3. Does the seller have any disclosure?

The Washington State seller’s disclosure statement, specifically designed for buyers, helps to know the current condition of the available house for sale in Everett, WA and other cities in Washington. This disclosure statement is also important to identify any potential hazards, which may harm your family.

With a reliable seller’s disclosure statement, you’ll be able to make a smart decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase. That said, the bottom line is that asking your Washington real estate agent for the seller’s disclosure statement is very important and you should never joke with it.

4. How many people have purchased the same property in the past decade?

The more the number of people that have purchased this property in the last 10 years, the higher the probability that it has problem(s). Of course, this issue doesn’t necessarily have to be within the property itself. Instead, problem may be a result of an unsecured neighborhood or unfavorable location. To avoid facing unnecessary issues, ensure to ask this question before proceeding to buy any property.

5. How much are the property’s monthly bills

Apart from the purchasing price, it’s important to also understand the monthly bills of the Washington house you’re looking to buy. A reliable real estate agent, such as Karrie Kelley Real Estate, will help you research the neighborhood and lidentify the daily and monthly property taxes and utility bills there. By asking this question, you’ll be able to know the estimated cost of everything, such as your waste bill, electricity fees, and cost of water, you’ll be able to make a smart decision on whether or not to buy the property.

By Syler