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Advertising innovators are artists trying to paint the best canvas for their clients; while some work for a specific business, others lend their services to multiple customers. But who are the biggest innovators in 2021? There’s something to learn from all the names on this list and their approach to the world of marketing!

Heidi Arkinstall

Although the Chief Marketing Officer at Logitech, it hasn’t always been a story of huge companies for Arkinstall. During her early years in the industry, she built experience working at numerous agencies such as Publicis, Wunderman, and FCB. Eventually, she joined Logitech and has built on the existing infrastructure at the global brand.

As well as focusing on sustainability, she has developed a leading D2C system while also developing a Super Bowl commercial. If you need inspiration this year, Arkinstall is a great place to start. She even kept the brand name relevant during the pandemic by advertising new gaming and video products.

Jessie Becker

While Arkinstall moved between different agencies, Jessie Becker built her experience at Netflix. What started as a small DVD business eventually grew to one of the biggest online streaming services on the internet. After spending around 10 years at the company, and climbing the ladder to interim CMO, Becker eventually joined Impossible Foods.

Here, Becker is now the Senior Vice President of Marketing, and she was influential in launching Impossible Burger. As a company making meat from plants, products started in 150 stores but are now available in over 17,000.

Becker has an impressive history in the industry as Director of Marketing at Google and YouTube as well as Chief Marketing Officer at Optimizely. More recently, she introduced the in-person tasting strategy for Impossible Foods while also pitching and building the new D2C store. Just in case this isn’t enough, she also led the Impossible Sausage project alongside Starbucks.

Sabri Suby

Many people have now heard of a digital marketer named Sabri Suby, and this isn’t surprising once you look at his impressive CV. At the age of just seven, Suby earned $2.50 in Australia for grinding peanut butter. In 2014, he borrowed a computer from his girlfriend to start a business. In 2021, the pair are still together, have two children, and there’s also the small matter of a multi-million-dollar marketing agency.

The marketing agency is called King Kong, and it helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop landing pages, Facebook ad campaigns, SEO strategies, and more. If you take one thing from Suby’s story, let it be the hard work and grit that he showed to reach his current position.

Jessica Klodnicki

Another of the leading online advertising innovators in 2021 is the CMO of Skullcandy, Jessica Klodnicki. In particular, she has led successful content strategies including a recent concert series. This series included collaborations between musicians, performances from emerging artists, and more. Also, Klodnicki has overseen the collaboration between Skullcandy and To Write Love On Her Arms, a mental health charity.

Despite the pandemic, revenue for the whole company grew by over 15% while revenue for the D2C side of the business rose by 60%. As well as CMO, Klodnicki is also the lead on a sustainability team for the company.

Notable Mentions

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mention all the top online advertising innovators in an article. Therefore, here are some more names to research to get even more inspiration:

  • Chirag Kulkarni (Medly Pharmacy)
  • Harris Beber (Vimeo)
  • Samantha Maltin (Sesame Workshop)
  • Barbara Messing (Roblox)
  • Janine Pelosi (Zoom)
  • Eshan Ponnadurai (WhatsApp)
  • David Schriber (Masterclass)

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