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Consider the storage capacity. Whichever type of MP3 player you decide on, get the one that has the most storage capacity that you can afford. You may think that you may not need that much storage, but in the long run you will be happier with your purchase. Make sure you are comfortable with the user interface. You will want a display that you can read easily with all of the features that you want. Apple has a great interface. It has been praised for its simplicity while remaining extremely effective.

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Pay attention to the player’s advertised Battery Life. Some flash memory portable players, use replaceable alkaline batteries, but hard drive players have a built-in rechargeable battery. These rechargeable batteries can last for about 10 to 28 hours on a single charge; however, manufacturer’s claims aren’t always exact. Many of the players also have AC adapters so they can be plugged into a normal electrical outlet, and some even have DC adapters for use in a car. Make sure that the player you choose is compatible with a variety of file formats. All players should support the MP3 format; however, this is not the only file format in widespread use. Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio (WMA) format was developed for Windows-based PCs and players.

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format is used by Apple in their computers, Apple iPods, and in their popular iTunes Store. There’s also a free, open and un-patented music format known as Gog Orbis. This file format works with a select group of players and systems. Keep in mind that not every player is compatible with all of these file formats. You might want to consider a player with a built-in FM tuner. This feature is common in both flash memory players and hard drive players, but not all players have this option. This feature comes in handy when you would rather listen to the radio then to your programmed music.

In summary there are a variety of choices you can make with regards to MP3 players and there are always new innovations being made. Having a clearer understanding of the types of MP3 players available and the features that they offer, will enable you to purchase the MP3 player that is best for you. Today MP3 players have become very popular, mainly because of the convenience that they provide in having music in an easy, portable fashion, that you can carry in your pocket or in your hand. In addition, they provide you with the ability to compile your own list of songs, and are able to hold a lot more songs than a CD, DVD or cassette can due to its compressed MP3 format. Trying to find the best player to suit your personal need can be very difficult because of the many brands and types that are available.

MP3 players are available in three main categories. The first category of MP3s is the Flash Memory Player. These are the smallest and lightest forms of players weighing as little as 1 to 2 ounces. These players have the ability to store up to 1 GB of memory or approximately 2000 songs. This type of player is very durable and energy efficient. The next type of player is a little bigger, weighing up to 6 ounces and having the ability to store between 8 to 80GB of information. This is equivalent to approximately 80 thousand songs along with data, video and photographs. Hence, they are more versatile than the Flash Memory MP3, they however consume more energy.

The next type of MP3 players is the MP3 CD players; in essence these are CD players that can play songs which have a MP3 format. These types of players are mostly seen in cars and require the use of a CD which contains the MP3 format of songs. In buying a MP3 player it is very important that you first know what the MP3 will be used for, this will help you to decide which type is right for you. Today most persons are desirous of having the second type MP3 player. However, even with this decision there are still so many different players of this type that choosing the right player can still be difficult. Deciding on what features you would love the MP3 player to have can help to narrow down your search.

As a result, you will need to consider the battery life of the MP3, and the battery life you will require will depend on what you hope to use the player for. If you rely on players to watch videos along with listening to music, will need to seek a MP3 player with a good battery life. You will also need to consider the display features of the MP3, the ease with which you are able to use the MP3 player, and the features that come with the MP3. Today many MP3 are equipped with more features than just to listen to music or the radio. Many are equipped with an eBook reader, Wi-Fi, cameras and so on. However not all MP3 will have all these features, so you will first need to decide what you are looking for in a MP3 player.

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