Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Top 8 Websites To Buy Books Online In India
  • Bookchor                                                 
  • Best of used books
  • Amazon
  • BookishSanta
  • Worthing.IN
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Shopsy

Books are worthy for boosting our physical and mental health, and there is no doubt if we say that books are a good healer of depression and stress.

  “Their is no freind as loyal as book.”

Now eventually, you will get ebooks at cheaper and low prices as compared to printed books, but we still don’t use digital books because they can’t be able to give the feel and sense of pleasure in touching printed books, which many readers love.

As a result, even in this age of digitalisation, people prefer printed books as compared to ebooks. 

In a survey by Statista, ebook sales haven’t diminished the popularity of paper books. 

This graph shows that no matter how much technology grows, the love and attachment of people toward printed books will never end.

Now explore the above-listed websites and have a look at their benefits:-

Best Websites To Buy Book In India

1:- Bookchor 

Bookchor is the most impressive and top-rated website to buy books online. There are no other websites which provide incredible benefits like Bookchor. As a bookworm, we are not always able to buy our favourite books due to their mind-boggling prices.

So here comes Bookchor; this website is widely known for buying and selling second-hand books, as my opinion its second-hand books only by name but the quality of text and pages are surprised me it is impressive as new books, also it gives you the benefit to sell your books lying on your shelves and earn a good profit too.


Free delivery with Bookchorpay :-  Above the purchase of ₹599

2:- Best Of Used Books

This website is also known for buying second-hand books at a  low price. It has almost a whole variety of books compared to Bookchor, but when it comes to quality, I prefer Bookchor more.

But it’s okay because it provides a great range of books at a very low price..


Free delivery:-   Above the purchase of ₹495

3:- Amazon

Who does not know Amazon in today’s world, the world’s largest online retailer which provides almost everything which we use in our daily life?

This is one of the most trustable websites which offers a significant discount, and there is no risk of any pirated copy; and if we talk about the quality, it’s impressive for sure. Though I know they aren’t the most affordable as compared to others when it comes to pricing, trust me, if you consider quality over quantity, then this website is for you.


Replacement:-  Within 7 days of delivery


4:- Bookishsanta

Bookish Santa is one of the best places to buy second-hand books online. Here you will get everything from children’s books to adult fiction, books on history and philosophy, science and academics, and much more.

There is good news for book lovers; this website has more than 1lakh+ books in its stocks.


Replacement:-  48 hours after receiving the product.

Free delivery:-   Free Delivery Across India

5:- Worthing.IN

These days we see great hype for Mystery Boxes and Bundle boxes in the world of Books. People adopt this new trend, and everyone wants a Mystery Box.

So this website is the best for offering Book Boxes because they don’t provide boxes as a mystery; instead of hiding the books in them, they reveal the books they are offering, and prices are also really low.

So next time you want a mystery box, explore this website and grab your books.

Benefits :-

Free delivery:-   YES

6:- Flipkart:-

We all know that the most trusty website for shopping online is Amazon, after Amazon so it’s Flipkart.

It has a wide variety of books available in its store, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of your favourite books.

You can use gift cards and discount coupons on your shopping to get your product at a cheap rate. You can trust its product easily by viewing its customer’s reviews and feedback.


Replacement:-  7 days after receiving the product.

Free delivery:-  Above the purchase of ₹500

COD:- Available

7:- Snapdeal:-


If you are a book lover, Snapdeal is a must-have website for you, any book you name, and Snapdeal has it. 

Also, the prices are too low compared to big giants like Amazon & Flipkart. You will quickly find the same quality books but at a low price. 

This website is trustworthy; once you purchase a product, you will get it before the delivery date. Also, you can check customer reviews to enhance your trust in the product.


Replacement:-  7 days after receiving the product.

Free delivery:-  YES

COD:- Only available for selective deals

8:- Shopsy:-

Shopsy is the only website which gives you mind-blowing deals on products. But many people want to know that:- Is Shopsy Trustworthy?

So let me give you the answer:-

Shopsy is a branch of Flipkart launched on July 1, 2021; As a result, we can show the same trust on this website as we show on Flipkart.

You can get such amazing deals you never heard of. 

Shopsy provides mind-boggling discounts on your purchases; You can get your books at very cheap rates compared to Amazon & Flipkart.

If you are a book lover and want to buy a full combo pack of the same interest books, then definitely check out its combo discounts too.


Replacement:-  30 days after receiving the product.

Free delivery:-  YES

COD:- Only available for selective deals