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Sometimes you are looking for something predictable. It’s significant when you want to understand where your relationships are going or if you win while placing bets on 22Bet. However, on other days, mystery helps add fascination to your daily life, and these movies are the greatest ones in this situation.

Palm Springs

Not far from the sleepy town of Palm Springs, wedding preparations are in full swing. Everyone is making a fuss, except for one guest, who is just lying in the pool drinking beer.

On the evening of the reception, he charms the bride’s sister with his speech and secludes himself with her in a secluded spot. But further events begin to develop rapidly and the girl enters a mysterious cave after her unexpected lover. And waking up in the morning she finds herself reliving the wedding day that has already passed, over and over again.

Bad Day for the Cut

A crime drama about the vendetta of an Irish farmer who avenges the murder of his native man. As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that family twists and turns come to the forefront.

Cruelty begets cruelty, murder begets murder, revenge begets revenge. All this rolls up into one big bloody clump that becomes almost impossible to unravel.


Driver spent ten years in prison and all the time he wanted only one thing: to find and kill everybody who was involved in the murder of his brother. Upon his release, the hero is willing to do anything for his mission. But an experienced policeman and a killer, who have their own score to settle with Driver, get in his way.

Running Scared

An ordinary deal between drug dealers went awry, resulting in the deaths of several participants, including the cops who arrived on the scene.

A small-time crook is assigned to get rid of the guns that were used in the shootout, but his neighbor’s son steals one of the guns and the hero has to find and return the gun before he himself gets whacked for an unfulfilled assignment.

Sweet Virginia

Sam lives in Alaska and owns a small hotel where a random traveler named Ed checks in. As they interact, it becomes clear that the two men share common roots and soon they become friends. However, it’s not that simple, and Ed is directly involved in the horrific crime that has rocked the entire town.

Run All Night

An ex-mafia boss and his son are forced to run through the nighttime alleys of New York City saving themselves from the clutches of local crime lords and the police. Unexpectedly adrenaline-fueled action movie with Liam Neeson in chase mode.

Get the Gringo

A car carrying two armed men and a couple of bags of money rushes to the Mexican border. They are followed by American police cars and, very close to them, by Mexican police cars.

As a result of the chase, the surviving hero ends up in a Mexican prison. This prison is totally controlled by local scumbags, and it is easy to get weapons, drugs and women there. But it is rather difficult for an American to survive in such conditions.


Psychic has many times helped FBI agents in search of maniacs and murderers, but this case is quite different from the previous ones. John’s ability to see the past proves powerless against a cold-blooded maniac who can see the future.

To break the series of murders, John must confront the calculating maniac and find a way to trap the one who is always one step ahead.

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