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Now-a-days everyone is aware of the cyber crimes and they are using some cyber security providers to overcome those crimes and be secured. For each and every organization, it is very important to know about these crimes and get security using some providers. Many people think about the need of this CyberSecurity but finally they come to know that it is very important when they are experienced in such situations. If you are interested in this CyberSecurity then you can join and explore using Cyber Security Training.

What is CyberSecurity?

Cyber Security is a process to control the risks, vulnerabilities, and many more in an organization and to provide a secure environment for the organization. SOC as a Service is generally used to get protection from cyber attacks. Whenever any person uses the data without any authorization then we have to protect our data using some security measures to protect our data. CyberSecurity providers use some tools to overcome these situations. Some of these CyberSecurity tools are going to be explained in this article. They are:

  • Cloud Defender

Now-a-days even a small kid is well known about cloud systems which focus on the storage of information in the cloud which won’t require any hardware devices for storing the data. Infact, everyone knows about the loopholes present in some systems which help hackers to get unauthorized access for the information which is secured or confidential. Cloud Defender is the cybersecurity tool which is very helpful for an organization to know about the defending strategies of a company to overcome the problems occurring due to these cyber crimes. It is generally used by the staff or employees who are working in the company who are well aware of these cyber threats or hidden threats. It is generally used to get alerts when any threat happens in a particular organization.

  • Metasploit

Metasploit is a cybersecurity tool that contains a set of different tools used for the services testing. The people who are working in this field are well aware of the security measures and the aims of the security like getting information about the loopholes and providing more strength for the system or computer. It provides us with the defending strategies to maintain the security in a complete manner based on the tasks. Infact, this tool is mostly used in the applications related to the web, networking softwares, servers, and many more. 

  • Wireshark

Wireshark is an open source network which helps in analyzing the protocols related to the networks and increasing the security of the network. It is generally a terminal based pin creator which uses a tool called packet sniffer. It consists of a set of protocols which can be used for cybersecurity. The people who are expertised in this field use this wireshark to get the data which is in a packet format and get to know about the benefits of the networking by knowing the loopholes present in the system or software.

  • Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the most famous cybersecurity tools which is an operating system to do some unwanted things easily in a simple manner. It is mostly used by the hackers to hack the data of the people or the organization easily. It possesses various softwares which are used for security and they are used for the execution of any tasks. It is easy to use for all the categories as children or freshers to old people. Infact, Kali Linux does not want any particular degree or a certification to use.

  • Nmap

Nmap is a computer software which abbreviates network mapper. It provides free access to the employees or professionals to work for wide area networks. It can be used to get the issues related to the network and helps to test the security using the loopholes present in the given system. It can also be used in a mobile because it is available for some versions.

  • Burp Suite

Burp Suite is mostly used by the linux users to get access for many things using it and by using VPN which is illegal for some prioritized information. It provides security for a given network by network scan, improving the security of the internet, and knowing the loopholes present in the system or in the software. It is mostly used by the tiny businesses which are budget friendly.

  • Splunk

Splunk is the system software which provides security and is used for the checking of the system tasks. It is not only used for analyzing the network but also for the data which has threats. Infact, Splunk deals with the BigData which is mostly used for the creation of user interface for the indexing and making the alerts for the threats.

  • Tor

Tor is a browser which is generally used for web surfing and some other tasks which have a VPN that is always in switched ON condition. This is a tool that makes the customer detect the vulnerabilities. It is quite difficult for anyone to hack the data when they are using this browser. Since, it provides a high level of privacy to the end user.


In this blog, we have seen about CyberSecurity and the 8 important tools of it such as Cloud Defender, Metasploit, Wireshark, Kali Linux, Nmap, Burp Suite, Splunk and Tor. These tools help us to know about providing security for an organization or a company. If you are an individual interested in pursuing a career in Cybersecurity, then Cyber Security Training in Hyderabad will help you.

By Richard Maxwell

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