Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
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Birds look gorgeous when they fly in the open air. But, they can also become problematic when they invade houses. Their presence in a garden for a long time can be messy and disturbing. It is common to find broken eggs, droppings, nest debris, and feathers all over the garden when birds live on a residential property. To deal with the bird infestation, the pest control service Melbourne specialists use the following techniques:

Bird Netting 

It is a humane way of keeping the birds away from a place. In this method, nets made up of heavy and light materials are installed in an open space. The netting acts as a protective barrier and restricts the entry of birds. Also, the nets don’t block the sun’s rays, air or water. 


Birds usually sit on flat surfaces like light posts, roof edges, windows, ledges, etc. These surfaces often become dirty because of bird droppings. Placing bird spikes on these points can be an effective bird control method. The bird spikes are of steel or plastics. 

Ultrasonic Devices

The ultrasonic device produces high and low pitch frequencies that irritate the birds. The sound of these waves is not audible to humans. That’s why it is one of the harmless bird control methods used by pest control Windsor experts. 

Shock Track 

It is one of the effective bird control methods. In this technique, shock tracks are laid on plain surfaces such as windowsills, ledges, roofs, etc. The current flows through the wires of this track. The birds get a mild electric shock when they touch these wires. The electric shock is enough to scare away the birds. 

Predators Decoys

Have you ever seen scarecrows on the farms? The farmers make scarecrows to scare away the birds. Even house owners can use the predator decoys to keep the small birds at a distance. They can make fake owls, alligators, and hawks to frighten the small birds. Isn’t it a great way to prevent bird infestation without using pesticides or harsh methods? Replicas of the predators are available in the market. So, house owners can use this technique without harming the birds. 

Laser Bird Control 

Birds have a powerful vision. The laser light emitted from the device looks like an object to the birds. The laser light machine also has a motion sensor. When the birds sit on a surface, the machine detects a motion. When the light falls on the bird, they immediately fly from that place. The laser lights are available in different colours and patterns. These lights have been preventing the birds from entering residential and commercial properties. 

Bird Hazing and Fogging 

Pesticides are considered a bit harmful to the environment and health of the humans. But, Methyl Anthranilate is a solution that can be used by experts for the eradication of the birds. This is not a toxic chemical and can be safely used by specialists in hazing and fogging machines. 

A bird hazer machine is used to spray MA in a closed or semi-closed environment. In this method, the machine produces fine fog. The chemical irritates the mucous membrane of the birds. That’s why birds avoid nesting and roosting on chemically-treated sites. 

When the infestation is severe, the non-toxic bird repellent solution is sprayed in an open area with a fogging machine. The fog is strong enough to suffocate the birds. This process can be complicated and only professionals should be hired for the execution of the process. 

Bird Gels 

To prevent the birds from sitting on different surfaces in your home, the experts use bird gels. These gels make the surface sticky and birds find it hard to sit there. The gel can be applied to several kinds of places like ledges, statues, rafters, beams, etc. These gels can prevent the nesting of different birds such as sparrows, pigeons, and starlings. 


Pest control Richmond experts know various methods for controlling the birds. The above-mentioned is a list of both chemical-based and non-chemical-based strategies. If you find birds creating noises or making nests on your roof, hire the experts. They can implement a suitable technique and provide you with long-term relief from the nesting of birds.