Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Custom Canopy TentsCustom Canopy Tents
  1. Visualize marketing strategies 
  2. Attract more customers 
  3. Increase brand awareness 
  4. Versatile uses 
  5. Multiple long-term usability 

If we told the marketing strategist of a company that they could add all these five benefits to their promotional toolkit with just one single product, most would jump at the opportunity to try it for their business. 

In fact, this is exactly what we are doing! 

We are going to shine light on a product that many of you might already know, but are still confused about incorporating it as a part of your marketing strategy for outdoor business events. The product that we are talking about is a custom canopy tent.  

Custom tents are not just shades for outdoor activities, instant pop-up tents with printed canopies can also provide all the benefits listed above and many more. They are sturdy yet portable and easy to assemble. Moreover, premium brands also offer business packages that include printed tents along with other products like customized flags, promotional banners and pull-up banners, which can create a wholesome visual appearance and expand your marketing outreach.  

If you’re looking for products for long-term use, it is always better to go for high-quality branded tents. Depending on the weight requirement of your product, you can opt for a steel-based frame or an aluminum frame custom tent. Superior quality printed canopies are available in two types of fabrics – 500D PVC coated polyester and 600D PU coated polyester. Both these materials have long term durability and you can choose either as per your requirement.  

It is also wise to look for other important structural features like height adjustment mechanism, heavy truss bars and commercial grade steel footplates. Moreover, you must opt for brands that provide additional accessories like customizable sidewalls, half walls and extendable awnings to your custom canopy tent, in case you need to extend your marketing strategy design at a later stage. 

These custom canopy tents are available in a wide range of standard sizes to meet the requirements of different types of businesses and business activities. If you already know the size of the custom canopy that you wish to procure for your business, then you are sorted and can move forward with the process of ordering your product. However, if you are not sure what size of custom tent suits your business requirement, having too many options and choices can actually become a problem. 

But do not fear, this is why we are here… 

We have devised a list of top five standard sizes of custom canopy tents which are suitable for various types of outdoor marketing and promotional events. Furthermore, we have also catalogued which size is considered more practical for a business on the basis of their larger industry sector. 

So, let’s get your custom tent size sorted and make your business style even more exalted…  

Top 5 Custom Canopy Tents Based On Size 

1. 8X8 – Your Friendly Shade

If you’re looking for a lightweight tent that is more portable, the 8X8 custom tent size is your best choice. These tents perform particularly well as small market stalls, kiosks for reception services and mobile marketing campaigns. 

They’re used by many industries; the most prominent amongst these are-  

  • Food industry 
  • Retail industry 
  • Real estate  
  • Small agro-based industries 

2. 10X10 – The Classic Choice

The 10X10 is the most common size available when it comes to custom canopy tents for business purposes. This size is perfect for tradeshows and commercial exhibitions at all levels – local, national and international. Therefore, they are also popularly known as the exhibitor’s canopy. 

These canopies are used by businesses across all industries whether they are into manufacturing, trading or retailing. 

3. 10X20 – The Visual All Rounder

The 10X20 size is a more popular choice specifically in the printed tent category. It has the same depth as the 10X10, but a width coverage which is double in size. Therefore, they provide a larger space for visualizing your content. This product size is the best choice if your marketing objectives prioritize creating a visual impact with your customer base.

10X20 size custom canopies are used by businesses across a wide range of industries like – 

  • Hospitality industry 
  • Entertainment industry 
  • Events industry 
  • Sports industry 
  • Businesses in the educational sector 
  • Health care services 
  • Online retail industry 

4. 13X13 – Versatility in Vogue

The 13X13 custom canopy tent size provides a more spacious shade area which makes it more multipurpose and versatile in terms of utility. They are more functional and flexible to suit different types of locations including beaches, farmer’s markets and trade fairs. 

These custom canopies can also be extended into a 13X26 size which is particularly useful for making structures for medical testing drive-throughs and outdoor businesses like parking services and repair shops. 

This size is more suitable for businesses which fall in the following industry sectors – 

  • Large agro-based industries 
  • Fisheries 
  • Horticulture and floriculture 
  • Medical testing services  
  • Automobile sector 

5. 20X20 – The Party Protector

The 20X20 size custom canopy is the most spacious tent in this category. This is the largest size in heavy duty tents, but they are also the smallest size available in commercial grade custom tents used for events with large gatherings like weddings and campaigns. 

It can accommodate more people and is therefore, a perfect set-up to host a larger event for your business. If your promotional activities require you to host parties or fundraisers or even niche campaigns like pop-up cafes or social media influencer meets – this size will be a perfect fit for your business marketing tool kit. 

Premium brands also offer customization services as per your size requirement at reasonable rates. Therefore, if you require a custom canopy tent of a larger size or of a dimension which is otherwise not available in standard sizes, you can opt for custom-size tents.  

Protect Your Shade Even Before It’s Made 

Since we are pitching custom tents as a product for primarily business use here, it is important to emphasize that you must avoid making uninformed decisions while choosing a product.  

Budget is always a significant factor for any business while purchasing a product for their promotional activities. While saving some money by getting a cheap generic product might seem like an option right now, it would ultimately not serve you well in the long run. There is no point doing this process all over again and eventually making it cost a lot more than what you started off with. 

Therefore, we always recommend our readers to opt for a brand which performs both manufacturing and retailing services for custom canopy tents. Some brands also provide free mock-ups of your custom canopy layout and you must definitely look for these offers as well.  However most importantly, we advise you to speak to the manufacturer before making a purchase. 

Remember! When it comes to business, it is always better to do due diligence before rather than regret your decision later. 

Nevertheless, when you do find a custom canopy tent of the perfect size, we are sure it will be a great addition to your marketing toolkit as a promotional device.