In recent times, we’ve seen that business organizations are shifting towards agile methodologies rather than using their old methods to handle projects. This is the foremost reason why SAFe certifications are growing in popularity. SAFe has highly become one of the top most frameworks of leading agile certifications and its implementation. Scaled agile framework certifications have a huge impact on your resume and growth in a particular organization. Whether you are a professional or a normal working employee, pursuing SAFe certifications will open your collaborative team-thinking approach and agile mindset. 

SAFe is known to give a boost to your current profession. With the right knowledge of dynamic processes and lean agile methodologies, you can easily scale your career as well as promote your organization’s success. 

Choosing which SAFe certification is best

But when it comes to the selection of the right SAFe course, many people lack the amount of knowledge and take wrong decisions. It is essential that you choose such SAFe training that benefits and focuses on your current role in your organization.  Here are some top SAFe certifications and their brief knowledge to let you know about their advantages. 

  1. SAFe Agilist certification

Leading SAFe Certification Course best suits the person who knows how to apply agile tactics and remains Agile on the inside. It holds a credential for your enterprise as well and keeps up the agile workflow. 


  • It helps you in building a lean-agile mindset. 
  • Makes you capable to apply lean-agile methodologies in your project.
  • Helps you to deal with complex projects with ease.
  • SAFe Agilist Course makes you a leader in transforming your organization towards agile growth and principles.
  1. SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification

This certification is for professional scrum developer who are well versed with scrum principles and their application in real-world projects.

According to the 15th SOAR, the adoption of the scrum has increased by 5% in recent years. So, if you are planning to become an expert in your position as a scrum master you can opt for this course and gain practical experience. 


  • SAFe A-CSM optimizes your power to attain crucial information about scrum techniques.
  • It gradually makes you capable of handling team accountability.
  • Develop your mind towards iterative progress and agile strategies.
  • This certification enables you to apply SAFe principles and values in achieving goal-oriented project works.
  1. SAFe DevOps Practioner

As the name says, SAFe DP training will give you a clear understanding of DevOps competencies and enrich your brain to apply and implement these skills. It is a 2-day course that can easily improve your workflow if you are already into DevOps.


  • It helps you understand the importance of continuous security and testing.
  • You will be able to identify any gaps in A SAFe environment.
  1. SAFe Scrum Master Certification

SAFe SSM is a 2-day course that emphasizes scrum principles, values, and its application. You will come to know about the roles and responsibilities of being a scrum master at a team level. This course includes all the basic foundation and knowledge of scrum as well as scrum agile principles.


  • It promotes scrum as a basic requirement in today’s world. About 66% of individuals have adopted scrum more than other frameworks. 
  • Execution and implementation of scrum principles
  • Improve in Team handling and coach agile teams at a higher level.
  1.  SAFe Product Owner or Product Manager Certification

This course is for business analysts, product owners, or product managers. It teaches you the right agile methodologies and strategies to be applied in bringing out the best product from your development team. Upon completion of this training, you will find yourself an expert in product vision and ownership.


  • Ensure that its candidates are highly skilled in managing product backlogs.
  • Innovates your mind to create a product action plan to be followed by your development team.
  • You will be able to merge the product owner roles and lean agile principles. This will eventually bring out customer satisfaction and organizational growth.
  • Job openings for senior product managers or analysts would be a child’s play for you.


We see that SAFe is known to bring out a broader approach and work ethics at an enterprise level. It is one of the best choices you will make if you are looking for certification courses that suit your position and interest. When you know the vital principles and knowledge about a particular training then it would be easier for you to choose what’s best for you. SAFe credential holders are much ahead of the non-certified ones and are also paid much more than a usual employee.