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When your website is ready and launched, everything is already well-organized; no one has a wish to make changes, naturally. However, sometimes, those changes are required for the sake of expanding and developing your business. Of course, if you sell very specific products or services for a very narrow group of people, you may not need to translate your website.

And even in that case, it is still doubtful because website translation is sometimes crucial for your business and affects it a lot. Thanks to automated transcription services and translation, you can easily increase the success of your business, especially if it is an online business. If you are not sure how exactly to reach that and why you need to translate content in your website at all, check the following post and see how translation helps grow your business or startup.

Expanding your online audience

Normally, if you sell car wheels in Ohio, you will hardly need someone from Spain to browse your website and order your wheels to Spain. However, even this is still not sure, while people tend to order goods and products from other corners of their countries and even from other parts of the world if these goods are cheaper and better than their local ones.

Once you decide to have a video transcription or translation for your website content, you expand the opportunities for your business. When having an online business that does not even depend on anyone’s location, it is crucial to talk to your audience in their native language.

Thus, once your website has pages that are translated into other languages, it has two, three, four… times more potential users, customers, consumers, etc. Of course, these languages must be of your interest. People from what countries are you interested in? Conduct research and find out which languages you need to translate your website into.

By the way, it is related not only to people’s needs. The truth is Google also analyzes your website. When you have translated content, it understands that the number of your website’s features grows. Those pages have higher Google rankings and indexes because they are considered appropriate for users.

The answer is easy — want to increase your Google rankings and grow your audience? Translate your website.

Better communication with your customer

Users love to be needed and heard. If your customers log in to your website and do not speak its language, they cannot catch difficult words and just feel like the company neglects them. They are not needed. You must communicate with your customer, and the best way is to do this in his or her language.

Better communication with customers brings better conversion rates, thus, better sales. People are more likely to buy from someone who takes care of them and takes their needs into account. When you do not even try to hear your audience and deliver your product in their language, you will fail.

Of course, you may wonder how you can translate your website into all possible languages of the world? No, there is no need to do that at all. Here is what you should do:

  • Analyze where your major traffic comes from (using Google Analytics, for instance);
  • See what languages are spoken in those countries (even if your country is mostly English-speaking, take into account local peculiarities like French-speaking communities in Canada);
  • Analyze the most required and visited pages;
  • Use transcription services to translate those pages and content.

Website SEO

You may spend thousands of dollars on different SMM agencies or specialists to optimize your website. Although, it is not even necessary because you can simply use very affordable human transcription services and transcribe and/or translate your website content.

SEO is supposed to make your website recognizable in search engines. There is such a notion as International SEO, and it is called to optimize your website for targeting certain countries and languages. You need to have your website ranked in foreign countries, don’t you? Here is how you can do that:

  • Use URL structures that meet the conventions of the targeted countries. For example, instead of, you can use, etc.
  • HTML coding should contain language tags to let search engines know what language or languages you use.
  • Translate the content of your website into the targeted language.
  • Host your website on a local IP address of the new country or region. (optional)
  • Build links from regional resources on your site. (optional)
  • Target other search engines that are widely used in foreign regions (for example, in China, no one uses Google, as well as in some other countries). (optional)

Becoming more competitive

You should not underestimate using a transcription website to translate your content into other languages. Global users must have an online experience that is different from what other websites in their native language offer. When your website is adapted to new cultures and languages, you can easily compete with local brands that normally keep this audience.

It all gives not only competitive advantages to you but also opens new geographical markets. You automatically gain more trust and respect from your potential users. By the way, if your website is not only translated but also has a million minutes transcribed of video content, it will make you even more competitive and bring you even more potential users. Such content is extremely crucial for users with hearing issues.

Increasing the visibility of your brand

The number of your customers determines the potential of your business. Therefore, to gain more customers or users, it is necessary to reach out to as many people as possible. Even if you think that you already have more than enough users, you can never stop searching for more.

Translating your website using professional translators or just a transcription service is a great way to gain more customers and, thus, increase the visibility of your brand. When people do not understand the content, they will hardly use it and buy your services or goods.

Give your users a chance to read your website and order your product in their native language!

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