Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

There is nothing more rewarding than learning Artificial intelligence from a top-rated AI credentialing body. This is a great career opportunity for the ones interested in building a lasting career in AI. This can be made a cakewalk by gaining the most futuristic AI skills and nuances that can pivot your career in the right direction. Research from AnalytixLabs showcases that almost a 400% increase in data engineer jobs were posted over the last five years.

Enrolling in an online AI certification program calls for in-depth research into the credential, what the industry demands of you as a professional, and how can you make a difference in the AI business landscape. This is not all! Business leaders and stakeholders are inclined towards equipping themselves with the best AI Skills to lead from the front in these AI revolution times.

International universities worldwide are bringing forth ever-innovative AI certification courses and degree programs that are guided to streamline your career in AI without much hassle. As per recent studies from the USAII® Research and Development team, over 71% increase in global AI and machine learning skills in the next five years. Organizations globally are looking for talent with the right qualifications and experience as AI is still evolving.

Let us delve into the 4 best AI Graduate Degree Programs:

BS in Artificial Intelligence:
It unites NLP and ML disciplines; with strength-building in mathematics, computer science, AI ethics, and more. The machine learning department of CMU offers doctoral and master’s programs in machine learning.
Bachelor of Science in AI and Decision-making:
It offers competence in probability, statistics, python, programming, algorithms, ML, signal processing, robotics, and more. It involves 4 years of full-time study.
Stanford offers online AI Graduate certificate courses as well as AI Professional programs. These involve 90-120 hours per course with faculty assistance and, a student message forum, and allow a rigorous introduction to machine learning, theoretical project-based learning in NLP, and more.BA/ BS/ Diploma in Engineering programs: Focuses on foundational research in core areas of deep learning, knowledge representation, reasoning, robotics, speech, NLP, and more. It is closely associated with Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab.

What are the basic admission requirements for AI programs?

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant STEM subject
  • Competence in mathematics, statistics, data science, or computer engineering
  • Programming language competence (optional)
  • Industry expertise (optional)

Are there online AI graduate degrees with high credibility?

Yes! There are many credible Artificial Intelligence certification course providers at a global level; that are ready to equip you with the most in-demand AI skillsets in a shorter period. USAII® is one of the popular international certification providers that has garnered global attention from industry recruiters.

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is the world’s leading AI certification course and training provider that offers graded credentials to AI aspirants keen on building a lasting career. It is a rapidly growing AI certification body that is accredited by the International Credentialing Bodies- The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Credentialing Excellence. Popular AI certifications on offer:

  1. Certified AI Engineer (CAIE™)

Stepping into AI is made easy with the USAII® CAIE™ program. One of the top AI engineering certificates that incorporates disciplines such as Robotics, NLP, ML algorithms, Python, Deep learning, and more. A self-paced and DIY program with FREE personalized eLearning study material vetted by over 15 global AI SMEs. A game-changer AI engineer credential that offers enough boost to begin a long-lasting career.

2. Certified AI Scientist (CAIS™)

World’s most advanced AI scientist certification course to become an AI Scientist and upskill as an industry professional. It offers competence in AI frameworks, Support vector machines, deep learning frameworks, advanced CNN, computer vision, GAN, and more. With over 200 hours of eLearning provided by a FREE and exhaustive curriculum; CAIS™ is a perfect choice to upgrade your AI competence to earn big and cut competition in a quick time frame.

3. Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™)

If you are a business leader or senior corporate professional CEO, CTO, CXO, or equivalent; and are looking to build your AI competence to kill competition with the best AI skills at your disposal. Then CAITL® is for you! It is among the top-selling online AI leadership certification programs that guarantee AI excellence like none other. It is a sure-fire way to make your boardroom decisions with the perfect AI strategy to win over your business competitor.

The listed highly-rewarding AI certification courses are offered to every AI aspirant across 160 international locations worldwide by USAII®. They are ranked highly among the top-rated online AI certification providers around the world. They make earning a lifetime digital credential in the form of a badge easy with convenient payment methods and masterclasses to guide you through your AI journey with them.

Final Word:

Getting started in Artificial intelligence can become overwhelming if not guided well by credible certification providers. This is your opportunity to yield a beneficial career trajectory with the best skills and competence on display. Adding to the perks, gaining mastery of core AI credentials and that too from the comfort of your home is beyond comprehension. This allows enough room for you to continue performing your current job or course; and become future-ready with the best AI skills. Pick the best-suited online AI certification program that stands the test of time and amplifies your career growth.