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96M Online Casino Malaysia96M Online Casino Malaysia

96M online casino Malaysia is becoming famous with each passing day due to the ease of playing games and the security it is providing to the clients. 96M provides more casino games at their site than an average land-based casino out there. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the players because of too many options to choose from. That’s why in this article we are going to tell you about the top 5 games you should play in 96M online casino Malaysia.

1- Baccarat at 96M Online Casino Malaysia

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games which is played worldwide in land-based casinos and online casinos with equal popularity. In order of popularity, Baccarat comes at number 5 in the top 5 online casino game’s list. The game is pretty simple to play, it is played between two players. One is called “The Banker” and the other is called “The Player”. To win you have to bet on a hand which is nearest to 9, the player’s or the banker’s. There is also an option of placing wagers on the side bets like Perfect Pair. Winning the Baccarat solely depends upon luck because there is no specific strategy to win this game. 

2- Poker Games in 96M

The 4th most popular game in the list of top 5 online casino games is “Poker”. There are three major types of poker games,

·         Live Poker

·         Video Poker

·         Electronic Poker

and you can choose any one of these to play at 96M online casino Malaysia. Online reliable and registered online casinos offer poker games because to regulate this game certain rules and expertise are needed. Of all three poker games, video poker offers the highest RTP, but winning rewards depends upon the skills of the players. It is advised to have some knowledge of probability and face reading skills before playing live poker to have good odds of winning.

3- Roulette Online Casino Game

Roulette is a classic gambling game and has been around for years, but it still hasn’t lost its charm. It is specifically designed to address the preferences of each playing the game. The game comes in American, European, French, and Malay styles and each style has its unique features. There are no strategies or tips to win this game except pure luck. The roulette game at 96M online casinos in Malaysia is regulated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) code to ensure fairness and tackle any kind of cheap tricks one might try to hack the game.

Roulette is essentially available on almost every online casino and has helped to increase the popularity of live casino games. To beat online roulette, you have to come up with a well-thought plan to play the game and must have a keen eye to look for details that can help you beat the machine’s code. Online roulette offers multiple betting options such as corner bet, street bet, and split bet. You can choose to play with the house, or you can play with a live dealer as you see fit.

Blackjack at 96M Online Casino Malaysia

At the number 2 spot comes Blackjack, which is statistically preferred by 30% of the online casino players and the percentage is rising continuously over the last few years. This card is equally famous in both online casinos and land-based casinos. Blackjack at 96M online casino Malaysia has very simple rules and a highly beneficial betting system to favor the players. The RTP on blackjack solely depends on the skills and strategies of the players. Blackjack has straightforward gameplay; you need to reach 21 points before other players, or you have to get closer to the dealer or other players in terms of the points. The point system is as follows,

·         2 – 10 numbers have to Face Values

·         Ace has either 1 or 11

·         Jack, King, and Queen are considered 10

You only need to have basic mathematical skills to win this game. Blackjack is very simple to play and very easy to win if you know how to play a good hand. To get familiar with the gameplay you can watch tutorials on YouTube, or you can download Blackjack Guides. The RTP rate of blackjack at 96M online casino Malaysia is very close to 100% if you are an experienced player.

Slot Games at 96M

The most popular game in any online casino is Slots. There is a wide variety of slot games available on 96M online casino Malaysia. You can choose from a different range of titles and enjoy thrilling and entertaining slot games anytime and anywhere. Each slot game has different winning rewards and exciting features that make the gameplay thrilling and challenging at the same time. You can enjoy yourself with free slots or you can choose to bet real money, it’s really up to you.

96M has partnered with different software providers to offer a wide range of thrilling and exciting slot games to its players, especially the most popular online slots Playtech Slot. You can choose any one of these based on your interests and preferences. 96M is also offering progressive jackpots that provide a huge chance of becoming a millionaire in the blink of an eye with just a single spin. Because slot games are popular, easy to play, and provide a huge opportunity of winning, you should try your luck at slots on 96M online casino Malaysia.


There were the top 5 games you should play in 96M online casino Malaysia which are very easy to play and rule the roost at the best real money online casinos. What game you choose to play solely depends on your preferences and interests, but one thing is sure these games are highly rewarding. If you do a little research and have a keen eye for details, you can easily beat these games and become a millionaire in a matter of days. If you have what it takes to win and beat these games, then click on the and start playing today!