Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Technology Books

The best novels on technology play a vast role in contemporary times, especially for all the computer scientists, game developers, ethicists, and engineers who wish to upscale and thrive in their field. Because reading good books about technology and high-tech systems includes artificial intelligence, the mind of a sharp video games player, and who can discern the philosophy of technology – the World Wide Web, the history of computing, advanced mathematics, and technology algorithms.

 So, how do you keep up with technological modifications, given the fast pace of tech-world advances? The best technology books of all time are particularly for all the IT and CIOs leaders searching to enhance their tech skills. Or for those who wish to learn about modern technology developments and advancement, this blog post presents the readers with the list of the top five best technology books of 2022. So, give a read to these incredible non-fiction technology books to understand key high-tech systems that can significantly help you in advancing your knowledge in the field of technology.

Unstoppable: The Unlikely Story of a Silicon Valley Godfather

By Roy L Clay

Unstoppable is one of the best Silicon Valley true stories that unravel the life and experiences of Roy L. Clay Sr. from his time as a young teenager. From a time when his peculiar math skills were utilized to run the clandestine craps game at a pool room in isolated, rural Missouri in the 1940s to his massive surge to Silicon Valley technology innovator. Many people mention him as ‘The Godfather of Silicon Valley. “Unstoppable” is a motivational memoir that narrates Roy Clay’s memorable story of triumph while combating against all odds and never overlooking the people who guided him along the journey. It is authentication of his irresistible determination, commitment to family love, and skill to overcome great trials and loss. This book is a blend of humor and warmth and presents the main points of inspiration.

An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination

 By Sheera Frenkel & Cecilia Kang

Award-winning and best seller of New York Times journalists Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang embark readers inside the intricate court politics, groupings, and conflicts within Facebook to sparkle a light on the deadly cracks in the construction of the tech behemoth. This behind-the-scenes revelation provides a conclusive account of Facebook’s decrease in elegance. Defined as “the ultimate takedown” by New York Times Book Evaluation, this novel became an immediate New York Times hit and winner of the SABEW Best in Business Award.

Steve Jobs

By Walter Isaacson

This book is typically based on more than forty meetings and interviews with Steve Jobs led over two years. And discussions with more than 100 friends, family members, competitors, rivals, and coworkers – Walter Isaacson has transcribed an amazing story of the roller-coaster life of a strong character personality with artistic entrepreneurship skills. The one who has always kept the passion for perfection and the fierce drive to revolutionize the six industries: animated films, personal computers, tablet computing, music, phones, and digital publishing. Isaacson’s depiction moved millions of readers. The New Yorker defined it as “fascinating,” and the Telegraph said, “This is an enthralling novel, which offers so much and has much to say about the revolution of current life in the information age as about its magically gifted and driven subject.”

Exploring BeagleBone

By Derek Molloy

Dr. Derek Molloy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Electronic Engineering in Dublin City, Ireland. Discovering BeagleBone (Second Edition) is a practical guidebook to bringing gizmos, gadgets, and robots to life utilizing the famous PocketBeagle and BeagleBone rooted in Linux platforms. This book comprises inclusive content and profound detail that offers more than merely a BeagleBone training manual – readers will also learn about the fundamental engineering methods that will permit them to make their tech projects.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,

By Ashlee Vance

This riveting book sold more than a million copies, written by the amazing author Ashlee Vance which exclusively captures the vision and arc of Elon Musk’s work and life. From his unrestrained childhood in South Africa and journey to the USA to his sensational methodological inventions and entrepreneurial quests. Vance has used Musk’s story to discover one of the persistent questions of our age: can the state of creators and originators who directed the current world for a century still contend in an age of ferocious global high-tech competition? This novel was titled one of the best-sellers of the year by The Wall Street Weekly, Amazon, NPR, and Audible and currently is the International and New York Times hit.