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TikTok – is an extremely popular social network with a big army of users. The main function of this online service is to provide a possibility to post a short video. Any user can upload any type of content unless it is not prohibited by the TikTok rules. Turns out, you can earn a lot of money if you are very popular and have lots of subscribers. Let’s look at the list of the most popular tiktokers in the world compiled with

Top 10 Ticktok bloggers


Diana Aster

In 2020 Diana Aster or Diana Dmitrieva became even more popular than at the beginning of her career. She is a member of Dream Team House. Diana became popular by posting videos with Xenya Karpova – their first video got 4 million views. The main type of content is musical. So Diana is a talented composer and that is why she became so popular in the first place.  She dreams of singing with Egor Creed.


The Rock

This famous wrestler and actor had created a channel as well. Usually, you can watch videos about his career and traveling. He is a nice and funny guy that likes to prank other cinema stars.


Anna Kalashnik (Hahadetka)

Anna is another talented tiktocker that made her career by uploading short and funny videos. In her childhood, she was dreaming about becoming a TV host. Her mum helped filming first videos. Anna also has Youtube and Instagram channels with an army of subscribers. She likes to change her style and makeup.


Will Smith

Most of us know this famous actor that is extremely talented and artistic. He created his account as a joke but still has an army of followers. On his channel you can find short videos filmed with his family. Most of them are really funny and entertaining.


Danya Milohin

This talented tiktoker had a hard childhood – at the age of 3 he was sent to an orphanage. He registered on this social network in 2019 and became popular in a few months. Danya was one of the founders of Dream Team House – a blogger society that lives under one roof. During the pandemic, Danya started singing and his songs brought millions of views.


Zach King

This tiktoker is famous for vines and short funny videos. He has a Youtube channel as well where he put well-edited content – most of his tricks look like real magic. He says that he is trying to blend magic and real-life to impress and entertain his audience.


Julia Gavrilina

This talented blogger is probably the youngest of all users that achieved great success. She is planning to get higher education but will she need it because in 2020 Julia earned too much money already. She films funny videos and musical covers. Her subscribers like the unique voice. She often makes collaborations with Valya Carnival.


Khabane Lame

This young man is extremely well-known not only in his country but in the whole world. He is creating videos where he shows that some lifehacks are useless. His content is very funny and straightforward. Maybe that is why he has so many followers – more than 120 million.


Dina Saeva

Three years ago this famous tiktoker worked as a Mcdonald’s cashier. She is extremely rich – the main source of income is advertising brands. Religious parents were wise enough not to interfere with Dina’s dream of becoming a famous tiktoker. She says that her subscribers came by their own will – she never invested in any ads.


Charli d’Amelio

This is the most famous ticktoker in the world. The level of his income is unknown but the number of followers is more than 130 million. She is a professional dancer and social media star. Charli is only 16 years old but she is the most popular tiktoker in the world at the moment.

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