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In 2021, no one can be surprised that computer science disciplines are among the leading choices for high school students. It is the technology era which attracts people with huge prospects, and, let’s be honest – potential for high salaries. It especially concerns such directions as cybersecurity that is crucial for many businesses. Yet, the popularity of the discipline also makes it hard to approach and study when applying in educational establishments. It means that there is enormous competition and passing scores.

Nowadays, to succeed with college/university applications, many high school students seek the opportunity to sign up for camps to boost their skills, and practical knowledge. Such camps are aimed at providing students with lectures, classes, and intellectual exercises to be prepared for all possible cybersecurity hurdles. Depending on the choice of the camps, summer ones may take 1-2 weeks on average, while some may take even months. You will study and learn new cybersecurity approaches alongside like-minded people, and get the most out of professionals’ success stories. 

If you want to consider cybersecurity summer camps for your starting professional growth, and boosting your chances for entering the desired educational establishment, learn the top 10 options to choose from in 2021. The following options were willingly provided by homework helpers from cw assignments which offer expert assignment help online.

#1 Becker College School of Graduate and Professional Studies IT Bootcamps

This opportunity from Becker College is fit for those who are ready to find 28-week of time. The program involves Cybersecurity and Web Development studies. Everything is ongoing online, so no need for traveling. The applications can be submitted also by existing professionals who already work part/full-time in the corresponding positions. You will study the disciplines with the help of the industry leaders, who will give feedback and detailed guides on how to succeed. 

#2 BrainStation

BrainStation offers online studying and guidance for the disciplines like cybersecurity, product design, web development, data science as well as marketing. The programs are fit for those who live in New York, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver. The main goal of the camps is to help professionals/individuals alongside existing brands and companies to gain skills and necessary knowledge in the disciplines and receive diplomas and certifications. The camp is organized the way you receive project-based learnings with regular feedback from the industry experts. 

#3 Claim Academy

If you are ready to dedicate the whole 3 months to studying web development with coding, software focus, Claim Academy is a good fit. You can learn and practice your existing knowledge in St.Louis on Java, C#/.NET, Javascript, and Cybersecurity analysis. As for the reliability of their programs, the Academy is approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and aimed at helping IT students receive professional training. Beyond that, the program fits students with little to no programming knowledge and experience. Be ready to pass the webcam interview. 

#4 Codaisseur

An 11-week camp from Codaisseur is designed to help one practice web development and cybersecurity analysis either online or on the spot in Amsterdam. The whole program is created to assist students to prepare for full-stack professions or degrees. You will start by learning the basics of software development, and then participating in code reviews, and team collaborations. Even though the camp is Amsterdam-based, you can study online by accessing English-language materials and curriculums.

#5 Code Fellows

Find cybersecurity, software development courses online with Code Fellows. If you crave on-the-spot learning, you can also find camps in Seattle and Washington locations. There is no need for particular backgrounds or high knowledge of the disciplines. The experts are focused on teaching students to painlessly enter the industry and get the most out of modern 2021 practices in the IT field. You access daily lectures, team collaborations, and presentations on a weekly basis. 

#6 Coder Academy

Coder Academy is a party that conducts online and on-the-spot camps in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Yet, the program will require more than 3-month of dedication but at least 6-month to meet the foundational knowledge for HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Git, JavaScript, APIs, MongoDB, Node.js, Mongoose, Express.js, React, and Redux. After completing the program, you can receive your first IT diploma with the third focus on Cybersecurity. 

#7 Craft Academy

A 12-week Bootcamp in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden is offered from the Craft Academy. There are two options to choose from – Cybersecurity and Full-Stack Web Development. At first, a student passes a 4-week preparation course. Every Friday, students get a weekly challenge to complete until the next online class. 

#8 CyberCamp

The cybersecurity camp led by Israeli industry leaders is also offered by CyberCamp where you can receive approximately 300 hours of training with hands-on labs, and training videos. The program covers UNIX/Linux, Windows Networking, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security, and Incident Response Framework. You will get to know how to use Wireshark, Nmap, Metasploit, BeEF, Nessus, Splunk, ZAP, and Nikto.

#9 Eleven Fifty Academy

This opportunity is ongoing for 12-24 weeks to teach you coding and cybersecurity. It is mostly focused on helping students with little to no knowledge in web development, and boosting their skills and confidence for the industry entrance. 

#10 Evolve Security Academy

Finally, this 20-week program of the camp is fully fit for online signing up or on the spot learning in Chicago. You can learn specific areas of cybersecurity, and receive immersive training to know how to pass interviews on the jobs or application processes with the educational establishments. 

That’s pretty much the best option for high-school students in 2021. If you require additional homework help from STEM experts, you can also contact some assignment help services and receive proper guidance. Such specialists provide prompt assistance on Cybersecurity projects. They may meet all the urgent deadlines with your STEM homework, so your chances of getting a good grade are doubled. Beyond that, you may receive help with application assignments when you need to receive assistance for your entering college.

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