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If you need a practical and economical car, with enough space, on which it is convenient to transport children, one way or another you have to turn your eyes to the family car market. There is no problem with the choice of car now, but there remains the main parameter that is crucial – the reliability of all systems of the car.

The last thing any motorist wants is to get up with an unexpected breakdown on the road, especially when there are a bunch of unfortunate children traveling in the back seats. That’s why reliability is key for any car, especially a family car. So it’s by reliability that we’ve compiled this hit list of family cars.

Despite the increasingly thorough testing and development processes that new cars go through, there is no guarantee that a model will be reliable. Nevertheless, information on operating experience from other car owners with similar models, with explanations, if any, of any specific faults or problems, is a good way to determine how reliable a new car can be after parting with your hard-earned money. Using data from Driver Power, Europe’s largest car owner satisfaction survey, we can provide insight into the real reliability of new family cars.

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10 most reliable family cars

Rating of cars is compiled in reverse order:

10. Kia Sportage

Model: Mk4 – (2015 – 2021)

The Kia Sportage is one of the most popular cars sold in Europe, and while it has many attractive features, reliability is also one of its strongest attributes. The Ceed hatchback, Niro SUV and Rio supermini have also proven themselves in the reliability category, so there is no suggestion that the Sportage is a one-off Kia marvel. The Korean SUV also took an impressive ninth place in last year’s driver satisfaction rating.

9. Vauxhall Grandland X

Model: Mk1 (2017-present)

The Grandland X ranks the highest in Vauxhall’s lineup, both in the reliability segment and in the overall car owner satisfaction survey. This fact simply put the Sportage in ninth place on the list of reliable family cars, and owners had a hard time picking on the Grandland X in any one area, resulting in its seventh overall ranking. Interestingly, despite the use of many parts from the Peugeot 3008, the Grandland X placed 25 places higher than its French counterpart.

8. Toyota RAV4

Model: Mk5 (2018-present).

Overall, the RAV4 ranked one higher than the 2020 RAV4 for satisfaction in 2021, and it moved up three spots in terms of most reliable family cars. The RAV4 isn’t even in the top three most reliable Toyotas; the C-HR, Corolla and Prius rank higher for a brand long known for producing durable cars. Toyota’s confidence in the RAV4’s reliability is backed by a five-year, 160,000-kilometer warranty.

7. Toyota C-HR

Model: Mk1 (2016-present)

The Toyota C-HR performed well in satisfaction scores for 2021, ranking fourth overall. Reliability was one of its worst categories, but the SUV ranked 11th overall in reliability, highlighting the C-HR’s excellent scores across the board. Even though the C-HR has been on the market for five years, it is still one of the most reliable cars you can buy.

6. Kia Ceed

Model: Mk3 (2018-present)

The Kia Ceed may regain its title as the most reliable family hatchback on sale. Owners have noted the excellent quality of the interior and exterior. Its 17th overall driver satisfaction ranking was the highest of any traditional hatchback and six spots higher than the next hatchback, the Mercedes A-Class.

5. Skoda Karoq

Model: Mk1 (2018-present)

Skoda got a great score with the Kodiaq and Karoq in the top seven overall. The Karoq is in the middle of Skoda’s SUV lineup, above the Karoq and below the Kodiaq in size, but when it comes to reliability, it’s the best. Only 13.77% of Skoda owners have experienced malfunctions in their vehicles, and it shows that the quality of assembly and design is evident throughout their range.

4. Volkswagen T-Roc

Model: Mk1 (2017-present)

The Volkswagen T-Roc is still in its first generation, but it uses the proven Golf Mk7 platform. Hatchback-based SUVs are nothing new, but the T-Roc’s sporty styling and reliability clearly resonate with owners, and it ranked first among VWs overall in the driver survey. The T-Roc actually ranked third for reliability, but dropped one spot due to its 12th-place ranking in overall quality.

3. Lexus NX

Model: Mk1 (2014-present)

Not surprisingly, Lexus ranks high in the top 10 most reliable family cars in the segment. The Japanese manufacturer actually had four cars in last year’s top 10, with the CT hatchback coming in third and the NX coming in tenth. Lexus owners say the build quality is impeccable, and the number of Lexus owners reporting faults confirms this: only 9.79% have problems. This generation NX has been on sale for seven years, and it shows few signs of aging when it comes to reliability.

2. Mazda CX-5

Model: Mk2 (2016-present)

The Mazda CX-5 is the second most reliable family car you can buy today, and that level of build quality and reliability is what helped it rank third overall in the 2022 satisfaction ratings.

1. Skoda Kodiaq

Model: Mk1 (2016-present)

Despite the Yeti’s success, the Kodiaq was the car that launched a new SUV lineup for the Czech brand. It has been on sale for five years and recently received a mid-life update to remain competitive in the increasingly challenging segment of large SUVs. We found that owners continue to admire the reliability of their Kodiaqs, putting them at the top of the most reliable family car sector. The Kodiaq ranked first in absolute reliability, and many owners also admire the build quality of their vehicle’s interior.

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