Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Spring Clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan. It is a division of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH and is solely focused on treating psychiatric issues. It is accurate to say that it is the sole mental health clinic in the best hospital in Multan because it was just founded. Prior to Spring Clinic, either the hospitals had psychology departments or there was a single mental hospital separate from them. There wasn’t a clinic that addressed all the mental issues and appeared welcoming. The Spring Clinic filled this void and unquestionably assisted numerous persons in need.

Not everyone who sees a psychologist has a mental illness

Regular visits to a psychologist are common in western nations, but in Pakistan, there are numerous stigmas associated with it, therefore people don’t really favor or enjoy going to see a psychotherapist. In Pakistan, it used to be believed that everyone who sought out a psychologist was suffering from a mental illness. which is absolutely incorrect. People need to realize that even if you are in perfect health, you may still need to see a psychologist in order to function well, and things have definitely improved today.

The best mental health facilities may be found almost everywhere in Pakistan

People are aware that today everyone is under pressure to some degree. The stress and tensions are at a new level today since the world has grown more technologically dependent and a global community. In the incredibly cutthroat environment in which we currently reside. Psychologists aid us in overcoming daily stresses so that we can perform our jobs effectively. Best mental health clinic in Multan is called Spring Clinic, however there are other additional facilities helping the mentally ill in other Pakistani cities as well.

Multan is the seventh-largest city in Pakistan, so its residents may be less stressed than those in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, which are larger cities with faster-moving economies than Multan. Because of this, there are more mental clinics and hospitals striving to accommodate a greater number of individuals in those areas. People in such places are also, in some ways, more frustrated and under strain.

What mental health issues affect people most frequently?

The most prevalent problems that patients bring to psychiatric hospitals are anxiety and depression. I believe that everyone is familiar with anxiety and depression. If you don’t know the difference between depression and anxiety, then allow me to explain.

Each of us has experienced anxiety in some form

When someone frets excessively about the future or the near future, anxiety results. At some point in our lives, we have all encountered it in one way or another. Let me transport you back to your early years when you sat on the chair awaiting the announcement of your test results. You recall having a shiver in your stomach, sweating hands, and feeling as though your heart was beating so quickly that it was almost going to spill out of your lips while you were doing nothing but sitting in your chair.

That was fear! Since you’ve grown up, your anxiety has intensified and is more challenging to manage. As a result, you require a psychologist’s help. The psychologist will listen to you and guide you in facing and overcoming your issues.

Sometime a man can be eaten by depression

Depression happens when a person is stuck in the past and unable to move past a traumatic event that startled him to the point where it has a significant negative impact on his life. In such circumstances, the victims lose the drive to live and advance. They become hopelessly depressed and lose their sense of purpose in life. Suicides are also seen in extreme circumstances.

The psychologist would advise him on how to remain healthy and leave this predicament behind. A psychologist would be able to manage it. If not, he will refer him to the best psychiatrist who can administer medication to treat him.

Apart from those, numerous additional ailments are also treated in mental health clinics; these are just the most typical problems. In addition to dealing with a variety of mental issues, Spring Clinic is also Multan’s most reputable mental health facility.