We need to talk about side sleepers. Your favorite sleeping position is likely causing you to wake up with neck and back pain, hip pain, and overall soreness.

During a night’s sleep, many people doze in a way that twists their hips and backs. There will be soreness in your knees, hips, and back. It’s not the end of the world if you have to change your favorite sleep position. However—the waifu pillow provides a simple solution.

A waifu pillow may not be the first item that comes to mind when considering pillows, but its versatility and usefulness may be the best option for your setup. One is placed at the foot of your bed, and you sleep with it cradled around your body. You will enjoy proper alignment and support throughout the night, thanks to your bed pillow.

This guide makes using a waifu pillow easy, so keep reading to learn everything you need.

Proper ways to use a waifu pillow

While we have already discussed the typical use of a waifu pillow at night, there are a few other ways you can utilize one. A few of them are:

1. Tucking it under your back

Let’s hear it for you back sleepers. Resting the waifu pillow behind your back can also be a suitable sleeping method since it puts the hips, legs, and arms on top of it. Pressure on the shoulders and hips is relieved using this method.

2. Resting with one leg alongside the pillow

Using one leg alongside the pillow is similar to the first method since you’re holding the pillow in both hands. However, there is one key difference: the pillow is not put between your legs. Rather than tucking the bottom leg under the pillow, you lie with it straight along the side.

These sleeping positions can be helpful for those who do not side sleepers or are uncomfortable with the weight of the pillow resting on their legs at night.

Off-label use of your waifu pillow is also allowed. The extra-large pillow can be used as a prop when watching Netflix or working in bed. Then you can build a pillow fort with the little ones next time they’re in the mood.

You must consider your sleep goals when choosing one to get the most out of your body pillow.

Have the sleep of your dreams with waifu pillows

If you wake up with body aches or stiffness after sleeping, you should not compromise your sleep.

Our custom body pillow will enhance your moonlight slumber.

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