Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The gaming sector is skyrocketing. It is predicted to surpass $300 billion within the next 5 years. Currently, its value is $173 billion. The boom is because games are made accessible for mobile devices. Players are finding it more convenient to have access to the gaming world from anywhere and at any time. 

Casual players are looking for ways to cash their gaming efforts. They are aware that their investment in virtual gaming is more with fewer returns. Blockchain games have revolutionized the gaming sector. 

There is the introduction of play-to-earn games, which has created a win-win situation for the players and game developers. The items players earned playing games were owned by the developer but the play-to-earn model offers players a chance to own the items or rewards they collected while playing. 

When you play P2E games on, you can enjoy real ownership, trade tokens, or in-game assets and enjoy a fair experience because of the transparent ecosystem. In blockchain technology, players can continue without the developers involved because the game operates on a decentralized server. 

How to choose a suitable crypto gaming app?

Just because your colleague or friend suggested doesn’t mean you may like the gaming app. It is necessary to do some research, gain some P2E gaming knowledge, and then move to choose a suitable app to play. 

Here are some questions that can help to narrow the gaming app title list, which will ease the decision process. 

Do you desire to earn tokens, NFTs, or both?

Players are rewarded differently on different P2E platforms. Some offer a cryptocurrency or NFTs, while a few pay both. You can sell the NFT and crypto cash within the game or even on external exchanges. Understand how you will earn the gameplay rewards and even the time taken. Some platforms need players to perform simple tasks for earning NFTs, while a few need you to spend long hours.

Is cash out of earned rewards an easy process?

Games developed on Ethereum or Polygon blockchains are not easily convertible to another coin. Besides, in-game coins value can considerably fluctuate making it hard to sell NFTs instantly. So, before investing understand how the coins will be used and how to convert into real cash. The knowledge of how to convert digital assets earned into real money will influence the decision of which game app is right.

How much can you afford to pay upfront?

Some P2E games need a small amount to get started. The entry cost will differ from one game to another. Even if there is no need to start playing there will be a time when you will have to pay for gaining access to unique items or premium features. Cryptocurrency has a volatility risk, so ensure to invest an affordable amount. 

What kind of game to choose?

Choose a game you are good at. It can be a puzzle, RPG, MOBA, FPS, or adventure game. Choosing the correct gaming app depends on your skill set and experience. 

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