Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
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Ensure a smooth inaugural trip to a smoke shop with these invaluable pointers.

For the uninitiated, stepping into a bong emporium can prove overwhelming.

Immediately upon entry, your senses are assailed by rows of glass display cases, each teeming with an array of bongs and assorted paraphernalia, some of whose utility may elude you.

Don’t hesitate to turn to the knowledgeable staff for guidance; it’s an integral part of their role.

However, while soliciting their assistance is encouraged, it’s wise to be mindful of not monopolizing their time excessively.

To mitigate the initial trepidation of venturing into a smoke shop, we offer the following sage advice. Be attentive, as these nuggets of wisdom will stand you in good stead for a seamless maiden visit.

Shop with a Friend

Chances are, you have a friend who is familiar with smoke shops.

Grab a friend who can show you the ropes.

You can also take someone who isn’t familiar with smoke shops. Just make sure they are not judgmental.

The last thing you need is someone telling you smoking is wrong or bad for you.

Make it a Fun Outing

A great way of lessening your anxiety is to turn the visit into a fun outing.

Grab lunch or breakfast before the visit. You can also grab a bite to eat after.

You may also want to smoke a little before heading into the bong shop. Not only will this help you relax, but it also helps ensure you are ready to eat after the visit.

Ask Questions

Go ahead and embrace your lack of knowledge about bongs.

Not only will your friend enjoy pointing out their favorite water pipes, but the staff will be happy to give advice.

Most smokers love talking about their favorite smoking apparatus, so go ahead and ask plenty of questions.

See something you are unfamiliar with? Ask what it’s for and how to use it. Who knows, maybe you’ll leave with a unique pipe that will enhance your smoking experience.

Don’t Go Overboard with Possible Options

When you are surrounded by all types of water pipes, it’s easy to get carried away.

You plan on purchasing one water pipe and suddenly the counter is lined with twenty. You know you are only going to purchase one, or possibly two pipes, so keep your options simple.

For example, if you only want a small pipe don’t start looking at ones sized for a party.

Remember, every pipe you ask to see the staff has to return to the case. You don’t want to make their job difficult or be ‘that’ annoying customer.

Remember You Are Making an Investment

Water pipes are not cheap. Even small ones come at a price.

Before heading into the smoke shop, have your budget in mind and stick with it.

If you go over your budget you may not be able to afford any dry herb. Instead of buying a water pipe, all you have is an interesting decoration for your home.