Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Uh oh… did you get a bad grade on your essay? If you keep getting grades that are lower than your expectations, there is a chance you are missing out on something. We believe that thing must be editing your essay before submission. But wait! It isn’t just about what we believe, there are tons of studies that point towards the importance of editing. In fact, a recent study just found that students rose their average scores from 68% to 81% after just two rounds of editing.

Whether you edit your essay yourself or hire Top Essay Writing, your scores are bound to get better! So let’s check out the best ways to edit your essay to get your grades up!

Take A Break

When you are writing an essay, there is a chance that you meant to write something and ended up writing something up. However, when you re-read your text, your brain will assume those words are based on what you were meaning to write instead of what is actually written on the page. This is because we read by assuming the words based on our memory and guesswork. So when you re-read something you have freshly written, your memory of what you meant to write will be fresh.

To resolve this, you should avoid re-reading the text right after you are done writing. Instead, as soon as you are done, simply step away for a few hours and occupy yourself I other activities before coming back to this. In that way, you will be able to read your essay more critically and spot more mistakes.

Correct The Structure First

After you return to your essay, start by focusing on the structure of your essay. This is because your spelling and grammar can be dealt with later but this part is going to take more time. The structure of your essay plays a role in how your teacher will grade you. There is a chance that your content might be pretty researched and informative but you may still get a lower grade because you haven’t organized the information. Plus, you cannot use online tools and software to check and correct the structure, hence you’ll need to do it yourself.

Think about the same argument that you are laying out in your essay. Does each paragraph connect to its previous and next one? Have you conveyed one point or argument in each paragraph or multiple points in the same paragraph? Asking these questions will help you better organize and structure your essay.

Snip Snap

While structuring your essay, look for points that are not relevant to the topic of the paragraph. As much as you would like to keep those points, you have to learn to let go! Sounds familiar? Yes, letting go applies to your essays as well. However, in this case, it won’t hurt too much because your essay is going to look amazing right after. So look out for the points that don’t fit in the paragraph and remove them. In this way, you can also make sure that each point is leading to another and that the paragraphs flow smoothly.

Moreover, you need to keep an eye out for any repeated words and phrases. If you can remove them, well and good, or else you should just replace them. After all, if your word count goes below what is required, you can just add more relevant points and reach the requirement.

Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary

You are done with most of the hard parts and now you can move to check the grammar and spelling. This stage does not consume much time and hence you should leave it for the last. First of all, start with using online software and tools to correct your spelling and grammar. If you don’t want to pay for such tools, you can find tons of editing tools that are free. However, bots are not enough and you will need to recheck your essay yourself. This is because these tools don’t understand the context and might make errors in proofreading.

So read your essay carefully to pick on up any mistakes in the grammar and spelling. Make sure that the language you are using in your essay is not too technical and not too plain and simple either. Finally, you will want to print your essay to proofread and edit it one last time as it helps to spot mistakes better.

Hire Experts

In the end, you can still check your own essay but it’s always better to get outside help. There are tons of experts out there who offer editing ad proofreading series from students. When you search them up on the internet, you will find tons of different options, however, you need to be careful. Some businesses overcharge unaware students and some of them even scam them. To avoid such outcomes, you need to stick to choosing a reputable company to help you with editing. Top Essay Writing offers you to connect with the best essay support experts at low rates.

Hiring experts will help you to get flawless results and end up with error-free essays. Hence, you will not only get a better grade on your essay but also get to save time. Plus, with a reliable service, Top Essay Writing also gives you tons of discounts and free features as well!

Wrapping Up

Every student wants to get good grades when they work so hard on writing their essays. Well, there is a way to secure your grades and that is by editing. Editing your essay can help you take it from a C+ to an A+. Hence, these are the editing techniques that you should apply to improve your essay. Plus, the best method of them all is to hire UK Essay Writing Service. These experts have years of experience and can surely make your essay better than every other one in the pile on your teacher’s desk.