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With its  relatively low income tax, work culture, and recruitment terms and conditions, Malaysia has become an attractive destination for foreign workers looking to work there. However, employers must apply for the relevant permits and secure approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia to employ foreign workers.

In order to legally hire foreign workers, employers must apply for a work visa such as the Employment Pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. This pass is required for any foreign worker to work in Malaysia for over three months. The Malaysia Employment Pass can be valid for up to five years, depending on the profession.

There’s no denying that foreign workers play an important role in the Malaysian job market. That’s why the Immigration Department of Malaysia has developed various employment passes and work visas to help employers recruit and retain foreign talent. 

Here are some of the general requirements to apply for a work pass in Malaysia:

  • 18 months validity period for your passport
  • Aged 27 & above 
  • Fluent in English

The Immigration Department of Malaysia administers the Malaysia Employment Pass Application process. The process is relatively straightforward, and is designed to ensure that the foreign worker is suitable for the job. The basic requirements for the Malaysia Employment Pass include the following:

  • A minimum local salary of RM3,000.
  • At least two years of relevant experience in the field.
  • A valid passport of the foreign worker.

Once the foreign worker has submitted their application, they will be expected to wait for the approval or rejection of the pass.

There are three main types of  work pass applications in Malaysia:

1. Employment Pass (EP): This is an employment pass issued to eligible foreign workers. It allows the holder to work permanently in Malaysia, renewable every two years. To be eligible, applicants must satisfy specific criteria, such as having a certain level of remuneration and educational qualifications.

2. Professional Visit Pass (PVP): This is a temporary employment pass issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. It is granted to foreign professionals who must conduct business in Malaysia for a specific period. It is typically valid for three months but can be extended up to one year.

3. Temporary Employment Pass (TEP): This is a short-term employment pass issued to foreign workers who need to work in Malaysia for a specific period. It is typically valid for up to 6 months, but can be extended to one year.

These three types of work visa and employment pass applications in Malaysia are essential for employers who want to hire foreign workers. It should be noted that it is illegal for any employer in Malaysia to bring in a talent on a social visit pass and serious consequences will be carried out in those cases. All employers looking to hire foreign talents must adhere to the immigration regulations. 

We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of the types of work visa and employment pass applications in Malaysia. If you have any other queries, you can reach out to the specialist team from Paul Hype Page Malaysia.  

By Syler