Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

During the past years, Instagram has become one of the major platforms for many brands and businesses to conduct their business. To conduct a successful business, brands need to focus on a stable growth strategy. To gain growth in business on Instagram, you need to gain a lot of followers who continuously engage with the content you post. In order to gain and engage more followers, brands first need to show engagement. The more engagement they show to their business accounts, the more people they would be able to engage. Moreover, to engage more people, you need to have captivating content that forces the people to engage in it. However, it is important to ensure that you do not continue to use the strategies that did not work for you in the past. If you are experiencing that your business is not growing, you need to consider a few important organic growth strategies. 

When you think of growing followers and business organically, it means you would put effort into your work to gain followers rather than buy followers. Many local and international brands are benefitting from the social media platforms to interact and communicate with the consumers. Growing business organically demands engagement from the business. Following are some of the organic growth strategies that can aid businesses to get success and growth in the market.

Write an engaging bio

An appealing or captivating bio is all you need to gain growth and followers. Before viewing your content, or the images you post, the first thing that an audience comes across when they open your brand’s profile on Instagram is the bio. Brands should write an engaging bio that should list who they are and the products or services being offered by them. It should aim to target the consumers. 

To write a captivating bio, consider the following things.

  • Always add the job title to your bio, the areas where your business operates, and how the audience could benefit from it.
  • Your bio should reflect your brand’s mission and vision statement. 
  • The headline of your bio should be captivating enough to target an audience and to gain more followers. 
  • Add your brand’s official website in your bio, so that the followers who are interested in buying your products can visit the website and make a purchase.

Stay consistent

To grow business via Instagram, you have to remain consistent in uploading captivating content. Inconsistent posting will make followers think you are not active and you will begin to lose followers. If you are relying on a single post for growth, then you are definitely doing wrong. In order to retain the audience, you need to post content consistently. It is important for brands to notice their uploading schedules, how frequently they post content, and also the quality of their content. Once they make an upload assessment, they would be better able to identify the areas where they lack and need to be improved. 

To upload content frequently, another point of consideration is to find the best time to post content to get more likes. According to research, the best time to post content is 8 or 9 AM, and 2 or 5pm. It is important to post content when your followers are active so that your content gains more engagement. Moreover, when you post content more frequently, your audiences will know the time when they are going to get a new post. Large businesses might also consider uploading 2 to 3 posts a day, but small brands make a new post after a day or two. Apart from that, the quality of your content should make you stand out from competitors. Appealing and interesting content will help you gain more followers, retain existing followers, and grow your business.

Influencer marketing strategy Another important organic growth strategy is to invest in influencers. Over the past years, many influencers or bloggers could be seen on Instagram. This strategy is also cost effective and it helps a lot to expand your business. These influencers have followers that actively engage with their content. Brands can take help in growing their business by collaborating with these influencers. They will upload stories, photos and videos on their feeds about the brand and its products or services, which will definitely help the business to attract new followers.