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A few clients who visited the organization’s office announced that the venture group currently telecommutes. Regardless of whether the move is identified with the developing occurrence of Covid in Turkey stays obscure. Another piece of the clients blamed the administration for the trading of ineptitude because of the conclusion of access without earlier notification.

Is Turkish Crypto Exchange THODEX Scam?

Legal counselor Ouz Evren Kilich, who documented a claim against the crypto trade, which has been working since 2017, said that the site’s conduct was more similar to a leave trick.

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“[It] could possibly be a trick,” he told Decrypt.

The actual trade guarantees that it can require up to five working days to continue work. It ought to be noticed that the top of the THODEX trade Farouk Fatih Özer had flown out of the country from Istanbul Airport on Tuesday evening, that very day the trade quit exchanging.

He is said to have escaped to Thailand with $2 billion worth of advanced resources. Özer additionally erased all his web-based media accounts, hence powering the hypotheses of the misrepresentation claims.

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“Could this be known as the Turkish adaptation of Mt.Gox?” Kilic composed on his Twitter page.

Boisterous DOGE Campaign

From mid-March to April 15, THODEX ran an overwhelming DOGE promoting effort. The trade remunerated 150 new enrolled DOGEs.

As per media reports, exchanging volume on THODEX took off to $1.37 billion a weekend ago. It is accounted for that the trade has been selling DOGE at a fixed pace of $ 0.11 since April 14, albeit the cost of DOGE on different trades came to $0.42 on April 16.

The THODEX leave trick is suspected seven days after Turkey forced limitations on the crypto market.

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