Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
We buy real comments here,We buy real comments here,


Real comments are rare and don’t often arrive on YouTube videos. Of course, you can expect numerous comments on your videos if you have a large following and a successful YouTube channel. However, this is not the case for you; otherwise, you won’t be reading this article. 

Furthermore, there is not an issue on the Internet that doesn’t have a solution. We have looked hard for you and found some solutions to get genuine comments on each of your new videos.

Please keep reading to find out more about that. 

Most Effective Methods to Gain more Comments

YouTube is all about ‘targeted viewers engagement’ – YouTube comments deliver that. Also, there is no shortage of practices that you can use to gain more comments and attract extra traffic to your YouTube videos. Let’s dive into them:

Ask Them To Comment

You must have seen hundreds of YouTube videos if you are starting a YouTube channel. Now think back and remember that those video creators encouraged you to comment, subscribe, and hit that bell icon. 

As many people agree, asking actually helps, so you must never forget to ask your viewers to comment. 

Ask For Information, Ask For Help and Pay a Compliment

It is in human nature that when asked for information, they want to say something about it. Similarly, when you ask your viewers about something, they would want to show their ‘information bank’ with you, and you will get a brand new comment. 

Similarly, you can ask their help by creating a poll or asking a very ‘discussion-starting’ question. If they are interested in your content, chances are more than 30% of viewers may comment.

Likewise, paying compliments to your viewers may ignite a ‘thank you’ feeling among them, leading to a few comments. How do you compliment them? You need to look deep and find out what you would complement them for?

The Opinion Strategy

More than 90% of successful YouTubers implement the Opinion Strategy in each new video to get more comments. What is Opinion Strategy, and why is this so effective?

The answer is simple; we are an intelligent species, and what makes us intelligent? IT IS OUR DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS.

Similarly, when you create a contradiction in your YouTube videos, you indirectly force your viewers to share their thoughts and comments. 

You must focus on your reasonings and present them to viewers with obvious but thoughtful answers to execute this strategy. Ultimately, leave some of those answers for viewers, and you are done. 

Please remember that this method of getting more comments works for most and is a bit advanced for new YouTubers. Nonetheless, numerous creators are doing it; why cannot you?

Leave the First Comment?

We have been doing it for years, and it is working pretty well for us. Being the first one to comment encourages the viewers that you are interested to hear what they want to say. It also tells them that you value their input and give them the green light to comment. 

It is not a secret that many users on YouTube don’t comment because they are afraid to face a judgemental reply. So, when you are the first to comment with happy and encouraging words, they are likely to leave one. Even if it is something like, ‘Nice Video,’ it is still a start and counts as a comment.

We can Buy Them

You might have heard a line often quoted in media circles, ‘Everything has a price.’ However, it is not valid for everything, but it indeed is for YouTube comments. 

You might be shocked to hear that even pros do that whenever their new videos go live. They do it when the expected amount of comments is not arriving from viewers or when the content is not gripping enough.

It would be best to remind you that please beware of the YouTube marketer you are hiring for comments – they may offer you real but deliver inorganic comments from bots.

We buy real comments here, and they are from genuine people. Around 10 comments for each of your new videos are ideal because they are enough to boost your video before YouTube’s algorithm. Also, these 10 comments will create an initial and positive discussion environment for new spectators who wish to express something.


Focus on the things at hand, and don’t stress yourself about things that might happen. Things at hand are the creation of excellent and engrossing content. Moreover, applying psychological and practical tricks can easily grant you numerous comments.

Finally, we want you to ask yourself, ‘Is my content creating a difference among my viewers?’. If your answer is yes, you can start investing in your videos with more hard work, dedication, and consistency. 

Furthermore, buying a few comments for each of your videos might be enough to get your videos out of the crowd and into the spotlight.