Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Not every couple that wants to have children can conceive. The sheer thought of finding yourself in this situation is reason enough to send chills down your spine.  After all, you want to raise your family while enjoying life with your other half. No wonder it pays off to help an infertile woman become a mother.

And the best way to make this possible is through egg donation. Yes! You can now donate your eggs to help infertile women take that next step. But before you finally decide to donate your eggs, there are a few things worth keeping in mind.  And that’s what this simple guide will help you uncover today. Read on to find out more!

Egg Banks Can Ship Frozen Eggs 

Now more than ever, an egg donor bank can ship frozen eggs to different parts of the world. To guarantee safety, egg donor banks screen potential donors for medical conditions, genetic disorders, and infections before moving on to the next step.  However, frozen egg donation is still anonymous.

If you prefer frozen donor eggs, consult your fertility doctor before searching for profiles online. Once you find the best donor, the egg bank ships the frozen eggs to your local; fertility clinic for fertilization.  That is possible using donor sperm or your partner’s sperm.

Three Main Ways of Donating Your Eggs

It always pays off to know about the different ways of donating your eggs before trying them. You can decide to work with an agency, direct egg donation, or a clinic that runs a donor service. If you want to earn more from the egg donation, you’re better off working with an agency as they are head-hunters.

However, there is nothing wrong with opting for a direct egg donation.  That’s, especially when you want to donate eggs to a friend or family member without the process of working with an agency.  Ensure you weigh the pros and cons of each method of donating eggs to find answers to any burning questions.

Who Can Become an Egg Donor? 

Not all women can help an egg donor bank meet the needs of infertile couples. That’s why all egg donors are regularly tested and screened according to the European Union Tissues and Cells Directive. As a rule of thumb, egg donors must be more than 21 years and no more than 35. Always inquire about the eligibility criteria for egg donation before giving it a try.

The Bottom Line 

Donor eggs are growing in popularity and there is no sign of slowing down soon. And this doesn’t come as a surprise as they help women without viable eggs of their own conceive fertility doctor. There is nothing wrong when you decide to donate eggs to a donor bank and help couples raise their family.

Either way, ensure you understand what the egg donation process entails before deciding on anything.  The more you know about egg donation, the more confident and comfortable you feel with the process.