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Things to Know Before Installing New Apps on Kid’s DeviceThings to Know Before Installing New Apps on Kid’s Device

We are all trapped in the maze of the online world from mobile apps to social media networks. It is never easy to distinguish right from wrong. Age appropriateness and privacy and security are a few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration. Especially, when you have a kid with a device, you need to keep track of the apps being installed. Not all the apps are safe and secure, even if you have downloaded them directly from the iOS and Android stores.

Even if the app is designed for kids can be harmful according to their age or due to loopholes in privacy and security. If you have handed a device to your kid, just make sure to do the following steps before installing a new app.

The decision to give a child his or her first smartphone is a big one. One that comes with a lot of questions that you, as the parent, may not know the answer to. How much screen time is appropriate? What apps are okay for them to use? And what kind of parental controls should be put in place?

To help make things a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of things you should keep in mind before installing any new apps on your child’s device.

Check out the Reviews by other Parents

When it comes to installing a new app, it is good to check the reviews by other parents. You will have a clear idea of what is being offered in the app and how safe it is for kids to use. It is recommended to do some in-depth research rather than just relying on the review given on the app store. There are plenty of trusted review websites, where you can get the information. Make sure to use the internet for in-depth research of any products before you get them for your children. In case, you’re looking for high-speed internet that is also secure to use and provides parental control, do check out Charter Spectrum internet so you may never have to worry about your kid’s internet surfing again!

Check Privacy and Security Settings

It is never too easy to judge whether the app is fully protected and there are no issues regarding the safety and privacy of the child’s data. If you find other parents who are convinced about the security of the app, you can trust them blindly. Some of the apps would ask you about accessing photos, media, and contacts to give permission to use the app. However, you need to check whether the app really requires access, or is it just to access your private information. For instance, if the app is to help children color, what is the purpose of accessing the media files.

In some cases, your kid might install an app without your permission, leading to data vulnerability. The best solution is to opt for Parental Apps. These apps will allow you to control the activities of your kid from your own device and keep an eye on their activities.

Try it Before You Allow your Kid to Use

It is not always easy to figure out whether the app is suitable for your kid or not. Even if some of the parents have trusted the app, make sure to try the app in case of any suspicion. After exploring the app, you will come to know whether you can allow your kid to use the app or not. Sometimes you might incur something that is shocking, and not suitable for kids. If that happens, never risk allowing your child to use it.


The online world is not safe at all for kids. You need to be extra careful and take strict notice of anything unusual in order to protect your kid. 

This article provides some tips on things to consider before installing a new app on your child’s device. By taking these precautions, you can help protect your child’s privacy and safety. To learn more, and to get started installing apps safely, visit our website.

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