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If you’re watching a video on the internet or social media and would like to watch it again later, you might not have an internet connection or miss the video. Irksome, right? So the better option is to download the video to your device and you can enjoy it offline. But how does one do that? There are many video downloading service providers on the internet. Some specialize in social media videos, some are dedicated movie downloading sites, and some offer pretty much every service. So the trick is to find what you want before choosing a video downloader. Once you figure out your needs, you have to consider few stuff to choose the best video downloader.


You must be able to download the videos effortlessly. Service providers who offer these video downloading services should make the process very much easier for the common man. If an individual struggle to understand the process or need assistance then, then the service is not user-friendly. Whether it’s an app or website, ease of usage must be the top priority when you choose a video downloader. Because it’s not for one-time use, you’re going to use the service for a long time. Hence, it has to be simple, easy, and user-friendly.


When you’re using an online service, it’s very essential to make sure it’s safe. How do you do that? You have to check if the app or site is legit by examining its license, ownership, and experience. Mostly, try to go for a famous and experienced app with more users like and avoid sites with fewer users. An application or website should directly offer you the promised service, and should not lead you to any unauthorized third-party sites. Remember, advertisements are different, do not get confused. Opening an unauthorized without your permission is not safe and you should avoid that app.


People love having a variety of options. So a video downloader should also have different options like converting video into audio and downloading only audio and so on. You should be able to download in formats too other than the common mp4 format.


Checking how much storage the video downloader need is yet another concern you should have. Always go for a one that takes minimal storage size, since a heavy storage app will be a burden when you try downloading other apps and will affect the RAM of your device.

HD Videos

Not all video downloaders have options to download HD videos. Some may only offer 720p or 1080p video quality. You’re downloading videos to watch them again and again for a longer period of time. If the video is of bad quality, then the whole downloading process is useless. So you must ensure the video downloader offers HD quality video download option.

In this internet era, entertainment is made more convenient and everyone cannot have an internet connection all the time.  Sometimes, you need some stuff to watch offline; ergo people prefer to download videos beforehand. If you’re looking for the best online video downloader, try 

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