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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Crime Scene Cleaner

Are you planning to be a crime scene cleaner? Crime scene cleaners are in demand, but you must have specific qualifications, skills, and training to clean and disinfect crime scenes. The job involves typically carrying blood and waste, emotional tall, and other bodily fluids. Are you interested in pursuing it and have a strong stomach? The crime scene cleaner opportunities are always in demand, which is one of the great ways to get your foot in the door. After the crime scene, the professionals need to clean and disinfect the area to ensure that no trace of crime is left. 

  • Hours of Physical Labor

The crime scene cleaner has a different role from the usual average cleaning job. You will spend an average of 9-10 hours cleaning one site. In addition, the part involves some heavy physical labor, which explains why most companies would want you to be physically fit with ease. Remember that only some crime scenes are intense, and most of your tasks would be cleaning carpets, scrubbing furniture, and cleaning walls. Remember that you would clean body parts, blood, and other bodily fluids as part of your crime clean up responsibilities. The goal is usually to make the crime scene good so that people can work in the same area again without anyone noticing it.

  • Workaround Blood and Waste

As mentioned earlier, as a crime scene cleaner, you will handle body parts, dead bodies, and human waste. First, remember that you might fall sick as you will not be used to the tasks and responsibilities. As you get used to the job, you will be able to control your nausea. However, you can always find a way to suppress your sickness before you begin your cleaning tasks, but after some time, be sure that you will be used to the smell.

  • Emotional Toll

What is your emotional toll? For some, the emotional toll can be seeing dead bodies, while others can involve themselves with someone’s blood. You need to know where your emotional toll lies to learn how to control your emotions while cleaning up.

  • Working Irregular Hours

In every country, crimes happen at any hour of the day, and the police will always be around the site after every crime. However, after collecting every piece of evidence, the scene would need good cleaning. Most crime scene cleaners don’t have a set work schedule, and you need to be on call at any hour of the day. Before settling down on this kind of job, ensure that you can adjust to the unpredictable schedule. For instance, if you have small children, you must have some stand-by arrangements in case you are called in.

  • Necessary Certifications and Training

These are just regular restrictions and regulations, which means that you must have some specific certifications before involving yourself with any crime clean up activities. The certificates might include crime cleaning and bio-recovery. However, remember that the certifications can be received, considering where you live. In addition, you may also need some training, which means that you need to go through some courses. The courses include heat illness awareness and medical waste handling. Always remember that you need specific training before you are hired.

Crime scene clean-up is one of the most challenging jobs, but with the proper training, you can always do it perfectly.

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