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There are numerous eyeglasses options to choose from in 2022 because the manufacture of eyeglasses is an industry which continues to grow in different dimensions and shapes. Many eyeglasses are available, but not every trend includes picking just any sunglasses to rock with. The discussion is inclusive of prescription glasses. It is important to understand that after all is said and done, the finishing detail where glasses are classified should be an extension of personality and style. Designers propose having a wardrobe with different glasses for different occasions, which makes it important to identify which jewellery brands to invest in. Even as we dive into the world of the types of sunglasses to wear, it is crucial to remember that different seasons have different eyeglasses trends. The best quote about the importance of eyeglasses is that “if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the chosen glasses should be a contemporary tool in enhancing the natural assets.” The article discusses some trendy eyeglasses to rock within 2022, including their advantages and the proposed matching outfit. 

Cat eyes

Cat eye frames will remain one of the most timeless eyeglasses trends, which can fit all faces with all types of faces. Cat-eyes are especially trendy eyeglasses for women because of the existing classic stereotyping and the existence of different shapes and colours. Some common shapes and colours for cat eye frames include demure light blue frames, red frames, tortoiseshell glasses and black glasses. The use of cat eye frames is not limited to designer frames only because it is an inclusive style used to make a statement look that gets the price every time.

Thick dark frame glasses

Thick glasses are associated with nerd stereotyping but are some of the most common eyeglasses frames worn on different occasions, including by celebrities like Julia Roberts. The use of thick dark frame glasses is preferred because it presents a sharper profile. They are also identified as eyeglasses that make individuals look more confident and make them preferred for presentations and meetings, and can be worn on work days. 

Wireframe glasses

The wireframe glasses give an elegantly bold look and are one of the most delicate of styles. Wireframe glasses are not visible because their classic metal colour, like rose gold or yellow, creates the illusion of a naked wearer’s face. Their trends can be compared to the use of wireframe aviator glasses, one of the leading brands in 2022, because wireframe glasses exist for all major producers of eyeglasses. It is important to understand that wireframes are not for every occasion and are preferred with thinner lenses. 

Clear glasses

The trend of wearing glasses with invisible frames has been gathering pace in the fashion world for years. These lenses have a clear and soft pastel, a common trend in 2022. To stand out with clear glasses, wearers are advised to go for an ice-blue or a granny chic with the cool aviator blue and use of colours that fade like burst fade, which is the most popular. Light clear glasses with lighter frames are preferred for summer occasions. 

Round frames

Round frames are cool and quirky, which makes them a top trend description in 2022 for women of all shapes and ages. The round frame option is not for the faint-hearted because it demands a more directional feel and looks which demands confidence to pull it off. Round frames can be worn on different occasions daily, but the edgier feel makes them an ideal choice for the weekends. Round frames are preferred for square faces, just like square frames are preferred for rounded faces. Round frames also work well with neutral colours, which is a way of elongating the face. 

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