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It is one of the proudest moments of your life when you are finally able to pass your driving test but then it is all about choosing the right car for yourself so you can stay safe, impress your friends and get the best experience of driving that you can get. You must remember that you are not looking for the next F1 car, even if you have looked at the F1 betting guide, and you are not the next Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen.

So which cars are the best in 2022 for new drivers?

  1. Volkswagen Up!

There is no way that you can go wrong with a Volkswagen. The German brand is incredibly reliable and rarely cause any issues for the user. The main advantage of the Up is the price and the fact that it enters in to such a low insurance level that at 17 you will not be stung with a high premium.

With stability control, airbags, high tech equipment such as Bluetooth and front/ rear cameras there will no trouble when it comes to parking nor worrying about things if it does go south.

  • Kia Picanto

A sporty little thing from South Korea is just getting better and better each generation. It is the perfect little city car and one that needs considering if it is your first car. With maintenance costs incredibly low on the car it will not be so hard hitting on your wallet.

The Picanto handles really well and with its hill assist it takes away the stress of hill starts and stalling the car. One fun feature for the younger generation is the car is soundproof, so you can get that music blaring with your friends.

  • Ford Fiesta

Just like a Volkswagen, it is hard to go wrong with Ford but particularly with the Fiesta. The car is reasonably priced, cheap to maintain and run but it also looks slick. With many upgrades available to have all the high-end tech that comes with cars these days, even the low-end tech version still has a touch screen, LED lighting, lane keeping assistance and cruise control.

  • Skoda Fabia

Possibly the most practical car on this list. The Skoda is reasonably priced, cheap to run and has low maintenance costs. Like the Fiesta, the base version still has the mod cons that you expect with a car in the modern era and is incredibly affordable for someone who is buying their first car after passing their test.

  • SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT is possibly the best looking car on the list and will ensure that friends will be envious when you pick them up in it. With great handling and a punchy take off feel, the SEAT comes with a full package of safety options with lane assistance, emergency braking and a tiredness recognition system.

The cool technology is there as well with an 8.25-inch touch screen media system which will hook up to both Android and Apple products.

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