When it comes to adding aspects to your home, there are several motivations. First and foremost, you’re looking to make your home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live. You’ll also be excited to start a creative project that will result in a home altered around your taste. The third motivation, though, is to increase the value of your home – giving you a higher return when you come to sell. Houses differ in size and stature, but this guide is about the three most valuable additions you may be able to make to your home.


The most valuable thing about the addition of a conservatory to your home is that it costs little to build but increases your home’s value considerably. The return on your investment is, therefore, very large because you increase the square meters that your home is composed of without having to lay down bricks and mortar. You can choose a modern lean to conservatory or a large, long orangery to fit along the back wall of your home.

These additions are especially valued in regions that experience a good deal of sun, seeing as a conservatory is a wonderful place to sit in the springtime and summertime. Still, it’s a household addition that’ll certainly draw buyers to your home, increasing its value while giving the rear of your home a huge area of natural light for your family to relax in.


A little less glamorous than a conservatory, insulation is nonetheless an incredibly valuable thing to add to your home. Better insulation can save households thousands of dollars in energy bills, seeing as it allows them to regulate and maintain the temperature within them far easier. Insulation is also cheap when compared to the savings you generate from it.

Furthermore, in today’s world, the energy rating of your property is something that most buyers will be interested in. Adding insulation will boost that energy rating, showing your home to be of modern build and stature and giving buyers another incentive to take it off your hands.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your home will have a kitchen and at least one bathroom. The tip here is not to add more of them but to fundamentally redesign them to make them modern, sleek, and stylish. Property developers and real estate agents alike are well aware that the kitchen is often the show-stopper of a home, while bathrooms are also areas in which a sale might be made.

When you’re considering improving your kitchen and bathrooms, think through what it is you want to achieve. You’re looking to invest as little as possible to make them as modern as possible while also conforming to your entire home’s visual style. If you’re at a loss as to how and what to change these rooms, you should contact a designer who will be able to show you some options that you can choose from to improve the appearance of these rooms. There you have it: the three most valuable additions that you can make to your home to increase the cash you receive when you sell it.