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The Prolific Mushtaq MohammadThe Prolific Mushtaq Mohammad

Pakistan is a country from which many prolific cricket players have emerged. Punters can visit the website in order to wager on them. Mushtaq Mohammad is an excellent example of a player who succeeded in domestic and international cricket. Some of the most important aspects of his career were:

  • he was a talented right-handed batsman, who delivered powerful strikes;
  • he also was an excellent leg-spinner, and he also applied the googly technique on many of his delivery;
  • also, he was a fantastic all-rounder that could be deployed basically anywhere in the field.

Players of this kind are a delight to watch, and punters can visit 1xBet to also wager on the performances they give during matches.

An illustrious family

There are many cases in countries like India or Pakistan of many members of a single family who have been successful cricketers. Mushtaq Mohammad is no exception. He comes from an illustrious family of cricketers. In fact, four of his brothers have also played the game at professional level with great success. The excellent cricket betting sites have lots of matches from Pakistani cricket where punters can place all their wagers.

Mushtaq played professionally between 1959 and 1979. It should be noted that he began his first-class cricket career when he was only 13 years old. While he is not the youngest professional cricketer ever, this number is still impressive.

What’s even more impressive is that in his very first match he scored 87 runs, which already promised a brilliant future that waited ahead. The 1xBet cricket betting sites provide lots of opportunities to wager on other players that show a lot of potential.

A successful player

In terms of domestic cricket, Mushtaq Mohammad played for Pakistan International Airlines and for Karachi in his native Pakistan. However, between 1966 and 1977 he moved to England in order to play for the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. It is possible to make some highly-rewarding cricket live betting on 1xBet bookmaker, which also features the entertaining matches of the County Championship.

Between 1975 and 1977, Mushtaq was the captain of the Northamptonshire team. With him as leader of the squad, the team won their first trophy ever, which was the 1976 Gillette Cup. In the same year, the team finished in a historic second place in the County Championship. At that moment, that was the best performance ever from this squad. Currently, on the 1xBet bookmaker, punters can make great live cricket betting on the Northamptonshire squad and all the others that participate in English cricket.

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