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Lsr molding refers to liquid silicone rubber molding manufacturing, which is an important technology in silicone manufacturing. In the silicone rubber industry, the amount of silicone raw materials has reached a very high standard.

In the past few decades, the development of the silicone industry has brought many silicone rubber companies to the front of the market. The operation of synthetic rubber has brought us life and work. With the application of abundant resources, the application of silicone products can be seen everywhere.

Generally speaking, mastering the lsr molding technology means that the manufacturer’s silicone manufacturing technology is at a relatively high level.

Historically, in the past few years, people have used crude oil raw materials to make polymer synthetic resins, which has also brought us great help. However, with the increase of personnel, the resource reserves have been decreasing. Since the 1820s Since the beginning of the world’s crude petrochemical oil has been under unprecedented resource pressure, today’s automobiles are increasing the use of crude oil, and they have to use another material to continue operating the silicone industry. Although lsr molding technology appeared relatively late, it brought The increase in productivity is still astonishing.

The practical significance of lsr molding

In the past few decades, the development of silicone has undergone unprecedented changes, from the most primitive construction, industry, national defense, to life, automobiles, technology, daily chemicals, etc. occupying most of the economic fields. Silicone manufacturing cannot be slack.

In fact, lsr molding, as a tool to measure the ability of manufacturers, is valued by almost all industry players. Judging from the changes in recent years, the international silicone industry, especially Chinese silicone companies, have been walking in the upstream. Many figures can reflect The current trend of silicone manufacturing development. Among the solid silicone rubber, the upstream product monomer has reached more than 3 million tons, of which Guangdong Province, China accounts for 38%. After years of research and development, there are more than 10,000 kinds of organic silicone in the world, and more than 500 kinds in China. There is a very large room for development.

Master the benefits of lsr molding

From the extraction of silicone oil, the processing of silicon powder to monomer synthesis technology, etc., the technology has reached a balance with the world, and the annual production output has become the main reason for the rapid growth in recent years. Silicone manufacturing on the one hand, there is a great imbalance in the industrial development of countries around the world.

In the past ten years, the solid silicone rubber products industry has gradually reduced the level of production in China with the common development of the silicone industry and the technology work and the industry. The development of lsr molding in China may still exist in some developed countries in Europe and America. Gap. Today, China’s silicone rubber products are widely sold in the Middle East and Africa. The country’s export volume accounts for the majority, which means that China’s silicone products manufacturers have fully matured in technology, and now domestic and foreign silicone rubber products are cost -effective and practical.

The impact of silicone manufacturing on industry and life

From the perspective of development, advancing the R&D and investment of lsr molding technology as soon as possible is responsible for the future of customers and the industry. Therefore, various international exhibitions of silicone rubber products in China are also increasing, so that many foreign friends have a new understanding of China’s silicone rubber industry, and the application of silicone to solid silicone rubber is very extensive, so the quality of There are also very high requirements for the refining of solid silicone rubber raw materials, otherwise the raw materials will affect the performance of the product in all aspects! So silicone manufacturing runs through every aspect of our lives and no one can leave it.

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