Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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You don’t know it, but a week away can turn your whole world upside down. It can mean both a good and bad change. I don’t know yet. Normally changes are good though. Even though you might not know it yet. Nowadays, we get used to the ever-changing nature of things. And we all adapt quite easily to what’s new, as said, it usually turns out to be good for you. Technology is one thing that always surprises me. We live and breathe it and we could no longer get by without out. I know I most certainly could not. Technology is one thing that has invades almost any aspect of our everyday life and work and almost always improves it.

What is your point, I hear you screaming. Well. My point is, “new is always better” (and here I’m quoting, forgive me, Barney from HIMYM). We shouldn’t refuse to move on only because we’re attached or used to how things work. Processes and procedures and tools and software can always be improved upon and enhance their efficiency.

We all moved from searching real money casino games online for jobs in a newspaper to the then technologically advanced job board (which is still pretty current no doubt about that) and then progressed to create a profile on the most popular social network for professionals, LinkedIn. The majority of you reading this will probably regularly tweet too. Am I right?

My point is that we have to rearrange our views on how recruitment works. How it used to work (ads on your website, ads on magazines, newspapers and perhaps general job boards) are now being integrated with new tools and technologies that will make the recruiter task easier and surely more efficient.

Imagine if you could, as said, integrate your traditional recruitment strategy with a more innovative and productive approach. Wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t you save yourself valuable time and cash if you had the opportunity to?

I would! I think now is the time recruiters will be happy to be in their own shoes. Hard times are going to get better, as social recruitment is here to stay and helps you to find the best candidate pool to choose from. Social means engagement, and more than anything connections = networking.

Imagine if you could just easily post your job ads to your target audience, to your website, to job boards and to social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn almost instantly. You could reach your contacts and the contacts of your contacts. Again, connections are everything.

“An average employee will have about 150 connections on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If a 50-person company could get employees to opt-in and publish vacancies to their networks that are an audience of 7,500 people seeing the ad. But, it’s a pool of people that are first-degree connections of your employees, or in plain old fashioned HR speak – referrals. The potential connections of those 7,500 at an average of 150 connections are 1,125,000 people (I know many will have shared connections but it’s still a very big number). “

There has been a huge amount of talk about social media networks and their potential as recruitment tools and I am pretty sure social recruitment is more than just the buzzword of the moment, it’s the way recruitment is going to be from now onwards. What do you think about this matter? I would be delighted to hear any opinion you have on this subject.

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