If you’re lucky enough to have a dark complexion, you probably know how difficult it can be to find flattering clothing and accessories. Darker skin tones have less variety when it comes to different colors, so finding the perfect colored wig can be especially challenging.

 That’s why we’ve compiled this guide, which introduces you to five of the most flattering wig hair colors for dark skin. Darker skin tones often have more yellow or red undertones than their lighter-skinned friends. If you have brown or black hair with red or gold undertones, chances are that your natural hair is a great foundation for choosing a wig with complementary hues. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list below and discover the most flattering wig hair colors for dark skin!

Brown Color

You can’t go wrong with a deep brown wig if you’re looking for a color that will complement any complexion. Brown is one of the most popular wig hair colors, so you can probably find one that complements your skin tone and eye color. This wig shade pairs wonderfully with rose gold cosmetics and jewelry, especially if you have a cool skin tone. Such a look will never go out of fashion; it is a true classic.

Burgundy Color

This is a stunning shade of hair color for people with brown skin. One of the most well-liked hair colors for people with brown skin is a deep burgundy. The combination of crimson and violet tones creates this color that, while striking at first glance, will give you an air of refined elegance and sophistication.

Two Tone Highlights

 If you want a fresh look but don’t want to commit too much, highlight wigs are a great choice.

Highlights in rose gold, red or brown tone are great for dark skin since they make a noticeable difference but progressively lighten the face when applied on a dark base. Note that you can always swap out the conventional highlights for something more daring, to complement brown skin, try caramel and rose gold accessories.

Deep Green 

This color  looks stunning when braided into dark hair and complements dark skin tones. With curls, it takes on an otherworldly quality.

Brilliant Red

Brilliant red wigs are another great choice for people with dark skin, they are extremely eye-catching when styled correctly. If you want to try a bold look, a dark brilliant red wig is a great choice. You can try this shade on a curly or longer hairstyle such as the curly HD lace wig

How do you know which hair color is perfect for you?

If you haven’t already found your ideal hair color, here are some pointers to help you narrow down your options.

Your natural hair color: 

When choosing a hair color for yourself, it’s conceivable that you’ll want to think about your natural color and pick a shade that complements your hair’s natural undertones. If a new appearance is what you’re after, we have some suggestions for how to make the most of your current one.

– Brown: if you already have brown hair, you can make it pop with a “blonde” tone that combines chocolate strands with golden and creamy blonde strands at strategic points to draw attention to your eyes.

Copper: Highlight your naturally red hair with caramel “balayage” for a sophisticated copper look. The goal is to create an effect similar to the sun’s natural illumination.

– Mahogany: for a dramatic new look, dye your hair a deep chocolate and add ginger-hued highlights to the middle and ends.

Black: If you’re tired of your go-to black hairstyle, try something new with a violet shade that will add sparkles and subtleties to your hairstyle.

Your Skin Tone

– Warm skin- a copper wig is the perfect choice

– Medium skin – warm chestnuts look good on it. If you want blonde hair, consider a golden or coppery shade and avoid peroxided blondes. Mahogany and chocolate brown might also flatter this skin tone, depending on eye color.

-Cool skin – favors brown, chocolate, black, and even violin hues, although depending on eye color, the face will appear more or less hardened. 

Your Eye Color

Black eyes: If you have black eyes, use a chocolate, brown, or black eyeshadow. Mahogany is a flattering color choice for people with dark brown eyes. If you want to avoid drawing too much attention to the stark contrast between your skin tone and your hair color, try a chocolate mane with “babylight” highlights in brown tones.

Brown eyes: brown colors go best with brown eyes, while ash blondes and copper blondes are also lovely options for those with fair complexion. Women who have brown or honey eyes might benefit greatly from a brown background with golden highlights.

Green Eyes: Blonde (ash or streaked) hair colors tend to look best with a fair complexion, while green eyes and darker hair colors (chestnut, bronde, coppery blonde) look great with tanned skin.

Blue eyes: If you have blue eyes, a blonde hair color will complement your pale skin, while a golden or bronde shade will look great with your tan and blue eyes. Dark browns and chocolate tones are flattering on very fair skin and light blue eyes because they provide a sharp contrast to the skin and eye color.

We offer a wide variety of colors at Hermosahair.com. Don’t be afraid to peruse our colored wigs category to find the colors that best suit you and, of course, your tastes, whether you want to try your luck with fantasy colors or discover new shades.