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As we go through the third decade of the new century, we are in front of a great dilemma: do we need to invest in the new e-bike manufacturers or stick to the older models? People realize that the ease of use of the new e-bikes is a lot more apparent and necessary than ever before. This article compares the newer models of e-bikes with the older ones. Which one is best for the present use? 

Better Gearing Systems

First, we need to identify the gearing systems that have shown tremendous improvement in the last decade. They promote efficient energy use, and the e-bikes adapt better to varying terrains. Also, when the rider needs to change the riding conditions, the gearing system is there to provide immediate gear shifts that will help him overpass all the hurdles and commute without having to get physically and mentally exhausted. The best e-bike manufacturers can guarantee that opportunity for riders.

Enhanced Design

Design is not only about aesthetics. Modern e-bike models have a skeleton that gives less aerodynamic resistance to the rider. That reduces the drag and allows a faster commute without extra friction to the ground. Also, this enhanced design in modern e-bikes reduces energy losses, making this type of commute a lot more economical and efficient.

Improved Range

Years before, the first e-bike models had only a few dozen miles range. However, things have evolved ever since, and the newer models of e-bikes have an improved range that can reach up to 125 miles. This improved range makes these e-bikes a responsible choice for longer commutes, especially when the final destination is in the city center.

Advanced Battery Technology

All the best e-bike manufacturers have heavily invested in the existence and development of advanced battery technology for their e-bikes. The lithium-ion technology that has replaced the previous types of liquid batteries offers longer life and faster charging. The new battery types are lighter and smaller, taking less space on the e-bike’s skeleton. Not to mention that they can help you go further, enhancing the range of your e-bike.

Lighter and More Durable Materials

The original e-bikes used to be made from cast iron and other heavy metals. However, modern models use recycled metals like aluminum and nickel and, at the same time, have many carbon or plastic parts. Thus, the final weight is reduced, and that increases the usability of the e-bike. Riders can take the e-bike with them when they commute using the metro or buses and ensure that they can lock it safely no matter where they park.

Improved Motor Efficiency

These new motors have never before appeared on the market. They are all brushless and have high torque, allowing heavy riders to complete their rides on steep hills without any hassle. These motors provide a better output, a smoother acceleration, and increased reliability. That said, the motors work a lot better than before and need less maintenance. It’s the main reason why people prefer investing in newer e-bikes and have abandoned the earlier versions.

Regenerative Braking Systems

Like the e-cars, e-bikes have been equipped with new regenerative braking systems. A generator is placed on the brakes to receive the thermal energy coming from them. So, each time you press on the brakes, the battery gets recharged. That energy is enough to give you back some of the lost power and take you further. If you like to be on the edge of the new technology, you ought to have that new type of regenerative brakes that show great resilience to extreme conditions.

Smart Integration of New Technologies

People need to be connected to the outer world when they ride their e-bikes. That wasn’t possible with the older models. However, today, all the new e-bikes have direct wi-fi connectivity and offer smart screens that show all the necessary indications about your ride. Not only the speed and the energy consumed but also biometrics about the rider’s health and how many miles are there until the next maintenance. You can also be informed about the news and even be connected to social media and upload pictures or videos as you ride. This is technology coming to life!

Final Words

GRUNDIG, being one of the prime companies offering extreme e-bike solutions, is proud to have such great models and offer independence and freedom to riders. Having a new e-bike will improve your life and give you the chance to be more energetic and have a fit profile.

The new e-bikes have no relation to the older models as they are more efficient and energy-saving. Being with the best will give you the chance to improve yourself and save the planet. E-bikes can help you reach the zero emissions goal and make ecological living a reality.

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