Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Python is not just a programming language. It is a world of possibilities, challenges, and solutions. 

The choice is quite enormous. Python is more actively winning the market, and today it occupies a leading position among all other languages, competing for the top place with the “giants” of the industry.

With Python, everything is transparent – it’s simple and versatile, so that it can be used in many areas. Read the overview of the main Python applications from the Python consulting team below.

Web development

Python for back-end development and has two main frameworks: Django and Flask. They facilitate the process of writing code for server-side applications.

The frameworks make it quick and easy to create basic Back-End side logic. It includes mapping different URLs to parts of the code, working with databases, and creating HTML representations to display on devices.

Django is chosen by those who want to automate their workflow, as this framework makes decisions on its own and it reduces development time. For example, it already has a built-in user account implementation, and you only need to plug it in.

Flask is suitable for those who want to manage an ample space and be able to solve problems on their own from scratch. It’s a micro-framework, and it only provides basic development capabilities. It doesn’t have built-in problem-solving like Django, and you must implement it yourself.

Many frameworks and an excellent set of libraries offer huge possibilities. To fully utilize them, you need in-house programmers and years of training, or you can find python developers for hire who will work within pre-agreed deadlines and at a professional level. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of how to make AI learn and act like a human so that it constantly improves and evolves based on the real-world data we provide.

Here is an example of a chess engine called AlphaZero. It’s a neural network that learned to play better than the world’s most robust chess machines in four hours of training.

The AI can also recognize objects in the picture. For example, AWS Rekognition, Amazon’s service that, after analyzing an image, gives you a result with the answer to what is on it and the coordinates of the objects.

Developers can get basic knowledge of AI training with the help of courses or videos on YouTube. The first standard task is to write a program that, based on the given data, will analyze which passengers of the Titanic had a better chance of surviving.

Process Automation

Python is one of the popular programming languages. Among other benefits, Python is great for writing scripts to automate various operations.

There are several reasons for using Python for automation tasks:

  • The simple syntax allows you to write scripts quickly.
  • Ease of debugging because the code is simplified before running.

For example, you need to overwrite data from Word into an Excel file. It can be done manually, but when there are a lot of such files, writing a script that will do it yourself and quickly can help.


Many companies use Python in their work. Google has supported it from the beginning. Companies founders decided to “use Python where we can, C++ where we should.” It meant that C++ was used where memory control was imperative and low latency was needed. In other aspects, Python provided easy support and relatively fast response times.

Even when the code was in Perl or Bash, it was rewritten in Python. The reason was the ease of deployment and support. In fact, according to Stephen Levy, author of In the Plex, Google’s first web crawling parser was initially written in Java 1.0 and proved so complex that they rewrote it into Python.

Python programming has some drawbacks but is becoming increasingly popular year by year. It is excellent for many areas of development, from web development to testing and data analysis.

Python programs are flexible and do not require a large development team. The language has a simple syntax and a strong community that develops and promotes it. All-in-all, you can get a lot out of it, and if you do not want an in-house team, outsourcing is your best choice.