Cost issues are one of the biggest obstacles when starting your lash business. If you want to find the most effective solution to save money when buying eyelash extensions, perhaps LLBA Professional can help you. Here are 3 best-seller product lines you should not miss when coming to LLBA Professional.

1. LLBA Promade fans

When it comes to the best-selling product lines of LLBA Professional, it would be a huge mistake to ignore the Promade fan lashes product line. So what makes these products so popular, and why is this one of the great options if you want to save more for your lash business?

First, product quality is the top factor to mention. Customers of LLBA claim that their Promade fans combine the greatest aspects of synthetic mink and silk lashes, combining the softness, fluffiness, and lightness of mink lashes with the curl ability and natural appearance, and dense look of synthetic lashes. In the shortest amount of time possible, these Promades will enable you to quickly and easily create a hybrid, light volume, dramatic volume, and mega-volume styles that call for fluffy and dense lashes. A good quality product will save you money by not constantly buying new lash extensions because poor-quality products will easily break down before using them.

Besides, LLBA also offers you a wide range of options in terms of curvature, thickness and length. This will make it easier for you to choose the right products for different clients. In addition, LLBA Professional promade fans come in packages of 480–530, which is four times the quantity of some other volume lash trays. Therefore, LLBA items are unquestionably a fantastic choice if you’re looking for 5D promade eyelashes that are also affordable.

2. LLBA Silicon pads

How can silicone pads help your eyelash extension work? First, using silicone pads is a neat and effective technique to maintain order in your workspace. You can easily attach and detach the lash strip on the work pad without leaving any sticky paper residue from the lash strip. The surface is soft and cushion-like, protecting tweezer tips. Before using them, you may also set your ready-made fans on the work surface. By doing this, you can save a ton of time. For only $6.99, you can own a silicon pad product from the LLBA Professional brand. Compared with most products in the same segment on the market, this product of LLBA has successfully attracted the trust of thousands of customers worldwide thanks to its excellent quality and reasonable price. If you are also looking for an affordable silicone pad, LLBA is the place to go.

3. LLBA Easy fan lashes

This LLBA easy eyelash extension fan’s capacity to save you a ton of time is the first factor in its popularity. As an eyelash extension artist, you are aware that each eyelash extension procedure might take up to 2 or 3 hours. You must have patience and composure to finish a pair of lash extensions for your clients in 2 to 3 hours. However, using easy volume extension fans will significantly speed up this process. You know, time is money. And this LLBA product can save you more time thanks to its excellent product quality. Besides the high-quality silk used to produce easy volume fans, LLBA also pays attention to the amount of glue at the base of each fan. This amount of glue is provided just enough, so you don’t have to use too much eyelash extension glue during the eyelash extension process for clients. This is a great plus if you want to save your budget.

You’ll discover that it’s incredibly simple to choose and apply fan-made volume extensions, like the ones we’re looking at, to your client’s natural lashes. Designing the eyelash extension set for your clients becomes quicker and easier because an easy eyelash extension fan already includes numerous layers of eyelashes with various lengths. As a result, you won’t need to decide which specific eyelash of various lengths to use on the client’s natural lashes. Thanks to that, you don’t have to buy too many products to create a beautiful set of eyelashes. Instead, this easy fan product of LLBA is absolutely a perfect choice.

Why should you choose LLBA Professional in the market? In addition to premium product quality, LLBA is highly appreciated for its dedicated customer care service, fast delivery service, product variety, and reasonable return policy. So, in case you need high-quality eyelash extension products at an affordable price, LLBA will be the first name that you should consider.

That is all for our sharing! Don’t forget to check out the eyelash extensions products we’ve recommended above!