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kubet game

KUBET8.US is a game exchange portal with many attractive promotions for members here. All players receive attractive incentives when participating in these programs. Join us to find out more information about the Kubet game portal and how to receive 128k promotions when activating the phone number.

Some general information about the Kubet game portal

Kubet is a real money exchange game portal, specializing in the field of sports betting, online card games. This playground has more than 10 years of operation in the reward exchange market in Vietnam. With advanced security technology, ensuring fairness and transparency, Kubet is the leading prestigious address in Asia.

kucasino is also closely monitored by the international gambling regulator PAGCOR and is licensed to operate in the Philippines. You can rest assured when participating in online entertainment at this playground without worrying about leaking personal information, or being scammed.

Kubet always ensures credibility, fairness and transparency when participating in online betting

The game portal always tries to bring members to participate in the most attractive card games and bets. Besides, Kubet also regularly organizes attractive promotions, brings many giftcodes, and extremely valuable gifts for all players.

Why should you register an account at the online card game portal Kubet?

When it was just launched, Kubet gained a huge number of members and always received attention from the gaming community in Vietnam. The traffic of this redemption website is constantly increasing, because Kubet owns many advantages.

Reasons to register for online betting at the prestigious Kubet game portal

Eye-catching, player-friendly game portal interface

Participating members will be immediately attracted when participating in betting and exchanging prizes at Kubet homepage. Soft colors are harmoniously combined on the website of the game portal. Attractive titles are arranged into categories and displayed scientifically. The participating members can easily choose and participate in interesting games on Kubet.

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Game store to exchange rewards with a variety of games

When accessing the Kubet game portal, participating members can choose from many attractive games at 4 main halls: Online Casino; lotteries, online lotteries; sports betting; Exploding jar games, slots games. Popular games not to be missed at Kubet include: Baccarat, dice, ginseng, going to the south, phom, sacred, trade war,…

Kubet offers an attractive game store, a variety of card games

Player information is absolutely secure

When registering an account and participating in online betting at kubet game portal, all information will be absolutely confidential. The website of the game portal is applied the world’s leading encryption technology, the technical team is highly qualified, regularly checked and maintained. 

Therefore, it is difficult for hackers to steal data at Kubet. This online redemption address also commits not to disclose the information of the participating members.

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Summary of some attractive promotions of Kubet

Not only bringing new experiences to participating members, Kubet game portal also organizes many attractive promotions:

●   Give one of 5 gifts to players when depositing and participating in betting for real money at Kubet.

●   Customers who make their first deposit at the Kubet game portal will receive a discount of up to 20%. The maximum promotion amount is up to 588,000 VND.

●   When you make the second deposit, you will receive a 10% discount on the deposit value.

●   Promotion 128k experience when customers register an account and activate by phone number.

●   Along with that, there are other promotions to return bets.

Instructions on how to receive 128k promotion at the prestigious game portal Kubet

The promotion to receive 128k when registering and activating the phone number is an exclusive promotion only available at Kubet. However, this offer only applies to members who register for the first time and make a minimum deposit of 1000 points (players are allowed to divide into multiple deposits).

Promotion to get 128k bonus for members when first depositing

After receiving the 128k bonus promotion, betting brothers can withdraw money to their account without participating in betting rounds. To receive 128k promotion, players need to register for an online betting account on Kubet and deposit money into the account.

The steps to register an account here are quite simple, players only need to follow these 3 steps:

●   Step 1: First, members need to access the official homepage of the Kubet game portal and click the “Register” button.

●   Step 2: Immediately after clicking on the registration item, the game portal will send the members a complete information sheet. You need to completely and accurately fill in the fields that the game portal requires. Especially information about the player’s phone number.

●   Step 3: Once you have completed the above information, players only need to click “Submit” to register for an account and receive promotions.

Various and attractive promotions for all players at Kubet

After successful account registration, members need to deposit money into their account to receive promotions and participate in card games at Kubet. Players can make transactions in many different forms: top up via bank accounts, e-wallets, phone scratch cards,… You just need to follow the steps below to top up. Kubet account:

●   Step 1: Log in to your online betting account on Kubet and click on the deposit box.

●   Step 2: Choose the most convenient deposit method: e-wallet, phone scratch card, bank account. Then, the player fills in the required information Kubet: the amount to withdraw, the account number, the full name of the account, …

●   Step 3: Click deposit and wait for a few minutes for the game portal to transfer money to the player’s account.

Some notes when making account registration and receiving promotions

Members who participate in online redemption at Kubet will receive the promotion within 24 hours after activating the phone number and depositing money into the account.

For some promotions held on the kubet game portal, players need to meet some of the following conditions to be able to withdraw from the game portal:

●   Players need to deposit a minimum amount of 1 million VND when participating in account registration and online betting.

●   Players should not place bets before receiving offers from Kubet.

●   The player’s account needs to comply with the regulations of the game portal and must not commit fraudulent acts.

Maximum rewards of members when receiving offers at Kubet

Another note when receiving rewards at the Kubet game portal: Members will receive a maximum bonus of 588 points (ie 588,000 VND) for all programs.


The above article is some detailed information about Kubet game portal and instructions to receive 128k promotion when activating the phone number. Wish you have a successful account registration and receive many valuable gifts when participating in redemption games at Kubet. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the customer service staff at Kubet for quick support.