Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Top Gun 2

Whether you like the action of the superhero genre or the social commentary of the horror flick, there are a ton of great films to check out in 2022. This year saw the release of hundreds of feature-length movies, so it’s tough to keep track of all of them. The chart below gives you a comprehensive look at all of the 2022 films as Top Gun 2 that earned money in theaters. You can click on any movie to see its gross earnings so far. You’ll also find a chart of how much each movie earned in the previous years. These are estimates, so keep that in mind.

Why Top Gun 2 Made $1 Billion In 2022

Top Gun 2 : Maverick is a fun, wild sequel to the original movie. It easily landed on the billion-dollar movie hall of fame, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect movie for fans of Top Gun, and it’s also a fun way to watch two of the biggest names in the action genre game todays wordle.

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

If you’re looking for a more edgy, emotionally-charged movie, you should check out Everything Everywhere All At Once. Directed by Daniels, it’s a brilliant mix of crude comedy and surreal sci-fi. It also has Michelle Yeoh in the lead role, so you can expect plenty of emotional stakes. It’s also a bit of a revelation.

This year saw the release of several great movies that were nominated for Academy Awards. The Duke, for example, is a dramatization of a true story that is both entertaining and poignant. And while it’s not the biggest movie of the year, it’s a great showcase for veteran actors. It’s also one of the best ibomma films of 2022.

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This year also saw the release of a new version of the classic slasher film. Jordan Peele’s Nope has a refreshingly dark take on the classic formula, and its opening weekend was the best for an original film since Us in 2019.

In the middle of the year, we had two films from A24. Jackass Forever, the sequel to Jackass the Movie, was a huge hit, and it has some good action and comedy. It also has good special effects and is a fun movie overall. It’s also the best movie to come out from Dreamworks in a long time.

There’s also a new film from Robert Eggers, who wrote the script for The Northman. The film is based on the classic antiwar novel by Erich Maria Remarque, and it’s set in the waning days of the Great War. It’s a great look at the aftermath of war, and it’s also a very visceral experience on tweakvip app.

The next year will see the release of many more exciting films, including a couple of Oscar contenders, so keep an eye out for more of these great films. This is a great time to be a movie fan.

The year started off with Scream in January, and we also saw the release of the Batman movie in February. Then, a string of critical hits followed komo news. The Northman, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Jackass Forever all made the list.

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