Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Once we get Cinnamon, one of the most beloved characters from the Animal Crossing saga, to settle on our island, she will be in charge of evaluating, based on a system that measures beauty, what is the score of our home, and what It will measure on a star scale where 1 is the minimum and 5 is the maximum . Beloved Characters From The Animal You should know that this is important because only by getting a minimum will you be able to unlock some functions. For example, Totakeke only visits you if you have 3 stars.

It is quite a laborious job and it will take you a lot of time. 665 development points and 450 landscape points are required , so you will need to place furniture and plant flowers and trees all over the island, as well as build bridges and slopes all over the islet. Each planted tree is 1 landscape point, and each flower is 0.7 (buds are 0.5).

It would be advisable to build delimited spaces to create a small forest: not only for the points, but because it will be more pleasant and beautiful. Beloved Characters From The Animal With the flowers you can create small gardens thanks to the different fences that we can buy with the Tom Nook miles. Two little ideas that will revolutionize your island!

Populate your island with buildings
The development points are measured through the structures that are located on the island. Improving the museum gives us 15 points (look for Ladino and buy the works of art to do it), having the Handy Sisters will give us another 15, the same as if we get Tendo and Nendo to expand the surface of their store: for this, we need to spend 70,000 berries in the store and have spent more than 28 days on the island.,57232611.html,57232617.html

Each piece of furniture you place also gives you points. As with trees and plants, it would be ideal if you created different environments with different functions: a small park with areas to play, a soccer field, an open-air gym, a place to give concerts… There are infrastructures for it, although you We advise that a lot of patience is required to find them all. One piece of advice: do not place two of the same pieces of furniture on the island, as they will not count towards the global count. Your imagination is no more rewarded than that of someone who places them randomly, but… what about the satisfaction you will have when you finish building bus stops, squares, and even paths?

But if there are elements that give you points, there are others that take them away. If you are one of those who leaves stones, minerals, weeds, eggs and some other furniture, you should know that this penalizes you. Because it is important? Because every day weeds grow on the island that you have to uproot if you want to meet the score.

More bridges, more neighbors, more points
But not only the furniture you have gives you development points. It is important that the urban planning of your home is pristine. What does this mean? That you have to have bridges and ramps everywhere , even if it costs you an arm and a leg. In this way, you will not only improve communications, you will also make your island a more beautiful place. And, the more beauty your island gives off, the more neighbors will move to it, until reaching the maximum capacity of 10.

The neighbors are an important part of the title . Although they don’t give you points directly, they can help you achieve those five stars and other objectives that Tom Nook himself imposes on you. Canela herself, at the Town Hall offices, will be able to offer you advice on how to improve the island.

Making an approximate calculation of the furniture necessary to achieve the objective, it could be as follows: 200 fences, 85 furniture that you build, 40 that you acquire with Nook Miles, and 90 that you buy from Tendo and Nendo. And what is the reward for having a 5 star island?