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The Impressive Roger BinnyThe Impressive Roger Binny

Roger Binny is an extraordinary former Indian cricket player. Bettors can always use 1xBet online to start wagering on other great things that Indian cricket has to offer. He was born in Bangalore in 1955. From that point on, he became a real asset to the Indian cricket team back in the 80s. He was an all-rounder, which showed how versatile he was for his teams.

Now, let’s talk numbers and some memorable moments. In the 1983 Cricket World Cup he was on fire. Whenever the Cricket World Cup is played, don’t forget that you can use the online 1xBet platform in order to start wagering on all its matches.

He snagged 18 wickets with an average of 18.66, which is phenomenal. He played a huge part in India lifting the cup that year. His bowling, especially in English conditions, was just too good for the batsmen. This victory changed Indian cricket forever, and Binny was right at the heart of it.

The impressive Roger Binny

In Test cricket, Binny was also quite successful. If you visit the http://1xbet.com/en/line/cricket website, you will notice that it is also packed with opportunities to wager on Test matches too. Some things that can be said about Binny’s career in Test and other variations of the sport include:

  • his Test batting average was around 22.22, with a top score of 83;
  • as a bowler, he took 47 wickets at an average of 32.63;
  • finally, in ODIs, he made 629 runs and took 77 wickets.

All variations of cricket can always be found at the 1xBet platform, where extraordinarily rewarding wagers can be made today. Without context, those numbers might look average, however, when we consider that he was an all-rounder, they are simply extraordinary.

His link to cricket after playing

After hanging up his boots, Binny didn’t just walk away from the game. By the way, the xBet casino is also available for those who want to have fun before the next cricket match too. He stayed on as a selector and got into coaching. He’s been shaping the next wave of cricket talent, passing on his wisdom and experience.

Binny had an extraordinary never-say-die attitude. He wasn’t the flashiest player out there, but he was reliable and always came through when it mattered most. That’s why he’s got such a special place in the hearts of cricket fans, especially those who remember the 1983 World Cup. Before the next edition of the Cricket World Cup is held, visit the casino 1xBet and see how its great games can reward you.

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