Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

With the growth of online streaming platforms, it has become easier to watch movies in the comfort of your home, which has made many people choose not to visit the movie theatres as much. However, one must wonder if streaming movies on your phone, laptop or television is truly the same as a real movie theatre experience? Well movie theatre lovers will surely disagree. 

Although it may seem comfortable and convenient to watch your favourite movies and stream new movies at your home, there is a lot that you miss out on by not actually visiting a movie theatre. There are many reasons as to why people enjoy the movie theatre so much and it’s also why popular theatres like Performing arts theater, New Jersey is occupied with large crowds even to this day. 

  1. The Huge screen is much better than your television or laptop screen 

Let’s be honest, the huge screen that you get in a movie theatre is obviously a million times better than your television, laptop or smartphone. While this is true for almost all movies, it becomes especially important when watching a 3D movie. You can enjoy a larger than life viewing experience in a movie theatre. 

2. You can enjoy the movie experience with a large number of people

While having a large number of people can be a nuisance in many places, it is exactly the opposite for movie theatres. Watching a movie in the theatre and having other people laugh and shout with you at the scenes on the screen can elevate your whole experience to another level.

3. Your complete focus is on the movie

When you decide to watch a movie at your home, there is always a chance of getting distracted by a lot of things. Say a guest arrives unannounced or a family member calls you for some work or if you have kids at home, it can make it extremely hard to enjoy the movie. This is obviously not the case in movie theatres as your complete focus is on the movie and there are no disturbances so that you can enjoy each scene and each dialogue to the fullest.

4. The sound is much better

The speakers in your home are surely no match to the huge sound systems in the theatre that allows you to catch every sound and every dialogue with all the minute details. This gives you the best experience and ensures that you don’t miss out a single dialogue or single scene. Also the huge sound system makes the background music a lot better and allows you to get a mesmerising experience.

5. It can be a fun activity with your loved ones

Whether it is your first date or you are catching up with some old friends, going out for a movie is always a fun experience. You get to spend time with your loved ones and get entertained at the same time. Also the snacks and beverages available at the theatre allow you to satisfy your cravings while watching the movie. This is why a complete movie theatre experience that involves quality time, entertainment and snacks is so important to have in your life.

All the above reasons tell you why even in the digital world movie theatres are still popular and people still seek that movie theatre experience every once in a while. This is why we can be assured that no matter how many new sources of entertainment we encounter, the movie theatres are not going out of business any time soon.