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Key Features of Shopify

This CMS started work in operation in 2006. During this considerable time, it gained fans and established itself well in the market. Below we list the main positive features:

  • CMS has a clean, easy-to-use interface. Many beginners appreciate this plus.
  • A good selection of responsive templates allows you to get a cool look for a small fee.
  • Easy integration with Paypal to pay for additional services.
  • Easy to manage. This point is a wonderful and incredibly tempting argument for the use of CMS by beginners.
  • Unique design.
  • There is much accompanying documentation on installing and working in the CMS.
  • 24/7 customer support.

How to start promoting personal work? Choose a Shopify portfolio template to handle the launch.

The Cost Of Shopify

When planning a new business, you create a budget. If your choice falls on Shopify as a CRM system, it’s useful to know what tariffs they offer. So, the system has three main service packages.

The first one – is Lite. Its price seems quite miserable and amounts to $ 9 per month. However, due to the price, the opportunities are also small. What you may do by purchasing this tariff:

  • Create products and customize their description. You add text with characteristics, change the color set, sizes, and more.
  • Place your Buy button anywhere on the web, for example, on any social network or your website.
  • Use the system to carry out and fulfill orders.
  • Add and sell digital items. For instance, it may be CDs, courses, e-books, etc.

The second tariff web developers named the Basic plan. Its price per month is $29. There is a cost if you are a Shopify commercial gateway user.

In addition to what the Lite tariff gives, all users receive the following options:

  • Two accounts for employees, allowing you to conduct sales.
  • An unlimited number of offers to add to the sections.
  • Limitless file storage.
  • Cool support 24/7 in any convenient way (phone, email, or online chat.)
  • Dealing with fraud by analyzing your account.
  • Generate discount codes for potential customers.
  • Blog module.
  • Added recovery of abandoned carts, which is very useful in practice. With this feature, you’ll be able to return customers to the site so that they complete the order.

There are also other tariffs, for example, Unlimited. However, it’s quite possible to start with the Basic and then expand the possibility if necessary.

Reasons To Have A Presentation Of Goods

Firstly, with the help of such a section, a person can comprehensively analyze the goods you offer. In such a catalog, visitors see all items at once. Visitors don’t need to go to everyone’s page and look at the details. You present a whole collection of dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, household chemicals, auto parts, paintings, and other things in one place. Further, you may offer to go to the online store, where the client will make a purchase.

Secondly, you don’t have to sell right away on the pages. You may use the website to attract people to an offline store or showroom. Thus, you introduce the potential audience to new creations, and if they decide to visit the office or offline store, they are unlikely to leave the shop without a purchase. The main thing is to present your offers as beautifully as possible. Shopify portfolio themes help tremendously in this.

Thirdly, this section is useful to familiarize potential clients with the offer in more detail. For instance, you developed a revolutionary anti-wrinkle product. However, selling it through an online store is impossible without explaining the advantages. A person won’t buy cream without knowing all its benefits, the composition of ingredients, and other important details.

As you see, you’ll be able to sell both new products and old collections more successfully if you buy the right website layout with a built-in portfolio function.

The Best Shopify Developer Portfolio Websites

You must know the latest trends to choose the right appearance for the portal. For this, we have selected several options. These sites are created using Shopify developer portfolio themes. However, we focused on choosing not just a portfolio but the website’s overall appearance. This point is necessary for the reader to understand what designs are popular now. So, let’s start the review.

A Landing Page For Dogs Owners

Viva-animali – this is a great example of the presentation of animal feed without direct sales. Colorful photos of dogs and jars of food do the main work. The layout is made in the laconic style of modern classics in web design. A simple background emphasizes the meals themselves. There isn’t much unnecessary information, only accurate and necessary data.

Online Clothing Store

Shopalix has many features. In addition, immediately available clothing sizes with discounts and prices are visible. There is also a quick view of sweaters, dresses, pants, and other clothes. Thus, the visitor chooses faster without clicking on the link. Please pay attention to the color scheme of the layout itself. The white background with small black accents makes the pages simple, concise, and, at the same time, maximally effective in terms of sales. After all, all clothes collections are presented very conveniently and logically.

Manufacturers Of Mattresses For Beds

Leesa is a wonderful and original approach to website planning and structure. Here is the necessary information about materials, prices, terms of cooperation, etc. At the same time, the design is very stylish. Note that there are no bright and catchy colors, even in accents. It grabs attention to only photos of goods and production.

Cool Shopify Developer Portfolio Templates

For our readers, we have selected three examples of successful themes that give the portal a new and ultra-fashionable appearance. You’ll find these and other offers on TemplateMonster. A huge selection and pleasant prices distinguish this marketplace. So, many visitors like to buy new design items on TemplateMonster.

Here are fresh layouts for different businesses:

  • Mode is a cool and modern Shopify developer portfolio theme for an advanced store. Do you want to sell items from famous brands? Not a problem. This layout perfectly copes with its task. In addition to excellent visual effects, you receive a responsive design that quickly adapts to a gadget of any size. It’s better to familiarize yourself with the characteristics in more detail by going to TemplateMonster.
  • Royal Mega Watch is perfect for the VIP segment. Thanks to dark colors, a feeling of luxury, expensiveness, and exclusivity. The layout is perfectly compatible with all browsers and looks great on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • AutoFast is a light and fast Shopify developer portfolio theme for car parts sellers, service stations, and auto repair companies. This layout is, perhaps, the most stylish of all pieces, in our opinion. You can add a video to the background in the design, and the popular Bootstrap is used. There are also Parallax and Lazy load effects.

TemplateMonster has many suggestions for improving the site with a built-in portfolio option. Look at the examples and choose.

Excellent Video About The Website’s Appearance

Take a look and get even more knowledge! By the way, this YouTube channel is useful for all the owners of online businesses.


As you see from this article, creating a site doesn’t require large investments. You just need to choose an appearance that you like and favorably emphasize the specifics of the business. Want more useful information on this topic? Get more technological news by visiting our section.


  1. What is the portfolio theme Shopify?

The product has a ready-made design for your portal with a built-in Portfolio function. You may create new collections for promotion and link them to the online shop by adding a link or button.

  1. What is the difference between an Adobe portfolio Shopify portfolio?

The differences are huge. For instance, when you buy templates with this built-in option, you get much more than just a catalog. This website design is complete and new.

  1. Do I need an Adobe portfolio eCommerce store?

No, if you have already bought a template with this feature. However, the decision is, of course, yours.

  1. Who needs Shopify developer portfolio templates?

Such an opportunity to create a catalog wouldn’t prevent any seller of goods. Even for services, it’s possible to adapt the section to present your commercial offer profitably.